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Industry Survey Results Highlight Key Opportunities for Asset Managers

As asset managers look for ways to reduce costs, gain market share and differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace, operational alignment is something that comes up time and time again.

It was one of the dominating themes at The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM Europe 2016), as firms thrashed out ideas to achieve greater efficiencies, leverage their resources more effectively and do more with less.

Within an industry survey, more than 100 senior decision-makers from across all areas of operations - at some of the world’s leading asset management companies – were asked to establish some of the key issues they’re wrestling with in their working lives. Moreover, the survey asked how connected they are with the rest of their business, where the roadblocks are and to identify areas of improvement.

“Asset managers are looking hard at their organizational structures, governance and processes to improve their effectiveness in the face of a changing competitive and regulatory environment,” said Jonathan Wiser, Head of Content at Osney Media, which commissioned the study and organizes the global TSAM Series. (Next in the series is TSAM New York, June 23, 2016)

Snapshot of the results below:

  • 26% still do not feel that senior management sufficiently recognises the value of data as an asset
  • 55% describe their investment team as “very well” aligned with the business strategy
  • 60% view technological disruption as an opportunity
  • 22% regularly loses or misses out on business because their products don’t adequately meet the needs of their prospects and clients
  • 21% say their marketing and communications activities aren’t relevant enough

Bill Haynes, CEO and Founder of BackBay Communications commented that, “this survey highlights some good practices but there’s room for improvement through close collaboration and communication between departments, a greater client focus and better use of data throughout the organization.”

Moreover, Mr Wiser added that, “as the sheer number of initiatives in progress suggests, data governance is one of the key areas firms are looking at to drive those improvements, but there’s a perception that senior management don’t fully engage with or understand the potential of data as an asset. The industry is moving towards using data more effectively but there’s some way to go yet. The rise of the Chief Data Officer definitely helps put data on the top table and will continue to.”

The responses of the industry survey present a unique insight into the interplay between the various components at asset management firms.

Click here access the full report