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FinTech50 unveiled at Money 20/20 Europe

  • Europe’s FinTech industry shows increasing signs of maturity with continued inward investment
  • London remains the leader in Europe’s FinTech scene but is being challenged by European hubs
  • FinTech50 Hall of Fame, FinTech20 India and FinTech20 Hong Kong launched for the first time

The FinTech50 has revealed the fifty hottest FinTech businesses in Europe at Money 20/20 in Copenhagen this evening, selected by a panel of over 30 industry experts.

Whittled down from a long-list of over 1,200 companies, The Fintech50 this year welcomes 30 new businesses to the fold from a variety of sectors including security, compliance and risk.

Global investment in FinTech companies is growing year-on-year, totalling $19.1billion in 2015 and increasing by 30% in Europe alone from 2014.¹

In a sign of the maturing FinTech industry, the list – now in its fourth year – places emphasis on businesses demonstrating long-term potential for the future and customer traction.

The FinTech 50 is complemented by The Hot Ten, incorporating up-and-coming FinTech brands from across the region, some of which are yet to launch.

Julie Lake and Nicky Cotter, Founders of The FinTech50, commented: “2016 marks a pivotal point at which big banks and traditional financial institutions are starting to collaborate more closely with the industry’s newest players.

“London FinTechs feature in just over half the list – in part due to the UK’s favourable regulatory environment as well as access to funding and talent. But London’s status is also being very energetically challenged by FinTech communities in capitals such as Amsterdam, Berlin and Stockholm.”

Jan Hammer, Partner at Index Ventures, a leading FinTech investor whose investments include Adyen, Funding Circle and Transferwise, commented: “2016 will be about maturing of the FinTech industry. With all the low hanging fruit of financial services harvested, the next FinTech companies will be addressing areas that are more difficult from both technological and regulatory perspective and also more disruptive.

“They will build their own underlying technology rather than relying on others and create innovations that are not incremental but leaps ahead of what traditional players offer. It's one of the reasons we've allocated a large part of the newly raised $1.25bn to the next generation of FinTech start-ups."

This year, for the first time, The FinTech50 has also recognised ten game-changers in its Hall of Fame – businesses that have demonstrated true staying power and continued innovation; many have featured in The FinTech50 every year throughout its four-year history.

Amongst those recognised in the Hall of Fame are Currency Cloud, for powering global payments, Nutmeg for taking investments online, eToro for socialising trading and WorldRemit for reinventing remittances. See the full list here: TheFinTech50.

In another first, The FinTech50 also expanded its remit beyond Europe for 2016, compiling lists of the top FinTech businesses in India and Hong Kong – two markets which show a wealth of potential for the future. The team also announced that it will launch The FinTech50 Asia later this year.

¹The Pulse of Fintech, 2015 in Review, KPMG Fintech & CB Insights

“The FinTech 50 represent the fifty companies worldwide who we see as game changers in the future of financial services being distributed in an open sourced, internet-enabled world.” - Chris Skinner, Chairman of the Financial Services Club; best-selling author of Digital Bank and new book ValueWeb

“Money20/20 has provided an outstanding stage to showcase to the world how the FinTech scene in Europe is thriving. Given how the banking industry is stagnating in a majority of the European countries, FinTechs have sensed their opportunity for disruption. For us, it was the bank account.

“Our position within this ecosystem is simple – we are looking to join forces with fellow players in the market to build a "FinTechHub." That's why we explore partnerships with market leaders like TransferWise, which adds the world's premium cross-currency money transfer service to our service and allows us to create Europe's most modern bank account.” - Valentin Stalf, Co-Founder & CEO, NUMBER26

The FinTech50 is an annual list, launched for the first time in 2013, of 50 European FinTechs who are transforming financial services across all verticals and at all stages, from start-up to high growth.

The FinTech50 is not a competition and there are no outright winners. It doesn’t rely on entries, but is formulated from extensive year-round research conducted by the FinTech50 team and selected by a panel – made up of over 30 industry experts from across Europe.

The FinTech50 2016:

  • AimBrain (London, UK)
  • Algomi (London, UK)
  • Barzahlen (Berlin, Germany)
  • BehavioSec (Lulea, Sweden)
  • Behavox (London, UK)
  • Bima (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Bitnet (Belfast, UK)
  • Blockchain (London, UK)
  • Bought By Many (London, UK)
  • Callsign (London, UK)
  • Cognia (London, UK)
  • Contego (Abingdon, UK)
  • Credit Benchmark (London, UK)
  • Digital Shadows (London, UK)
  • Elliptic (London, UK)
  • Ethereum (Zug, Switzerland)
  • Everledger (London, UK)
  • Fenergo (Dublin, Ireland)
  • Fidor Bank (Munich, Germany)
  • Five Degrees (Breukelen, Netherlands)
  • FundApps (London, UK)
  • InvoiceSharing (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
  • Iwoca (London, UK)
  • Kantox (London, UK)
  • Kaymera (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • Knip (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • LendInvest (London, UK)
  • Mambu (Berlin, Germany)
  • MarketInvoice (London, UK)
  • Meniga (Reykjavik, Iceland)
  • Monetas (Zug, Switzerland)
  • Number26 (Berlin, Germany)
  • Onfido (London, UK)
  • Personetics (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • Pockit (London, UK)
  • Prodigy Finance (London, UK)
  • Property Partner (London, UK)
  • QuanTemplate (London, UK)
  • Raisin (Berlin, Germany)
  • RateSetter (London, UK)
  • Ravelin (London, UK)
  • Revolut (London, UK)
  • Spotcap (Berlin, Germany)
  • Suade (London, UK)
  • Sybenetix (London, UK)
  • SynerScope (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
  • Tradle (London, UK)
  • Traxpay (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • WeaveWorks (London, UK)
  • Yoyo (London, UK)