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New MapR Quick Start Solution Enables Real-Time Analytics and Internet of Things Applications

MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the industry’s only Converged Data Platform, today announced at Strata + Hadoop World the immediate availability of a new Stream Processing Quick Start Solution powered by the MapR Converged Data Platform. This solution helps customers take advantage of the high-volume event processing capabilities of MapR Streams and the enterprise-grade reliability of the MapR Platform to create an ideal data pipeline for the new generation of Internet of Things applications.

The Stream Processing Quick Start Solution is designed to accelerate the technological, educational and operational capabilities of customers who wish to leverage MapR advancements in event streaming and real-time analytics. The solution can be tailored to specific customer requirements with the help of world-class data scientists and engineers from MapR Professional Services.

“Stream processing is rapidly growing in importance for real-time applications/analytics, and Internet of Things applications,” said Dave Jespersen, vice president of worldwide services, MapR Technologies. “MapR Streams will serve as a key part of the data pipeline for ingesting, persisting and analyzing event streams. Quick Start Solutions provide not just a product/technology proposition, but also one that educates and creates operational competency around a key technology for a new, exciting generation of big and fast data applications.”

The Internet of Things (IoT) places a special emphasis on streaming data as an important part of the data pipeline. IoT applications are helping retailers better understand the customer experience; manufacturers are profiting from preventative maintenance, asset monitoring and yield optimizations; telecom providers are improving customer satisfaction and reducing customer churn by responding to hot spots in real time.

The integration of MapR Streams in the MapR Converged Data Platform enables organizations in any industry to continuously collect, analyze and act on streaming data. The MapR Stream Processing Quick Start Solution enables businesses to handle massive data flows and long-term persistence while providing enterprise protections such as high availability (HA), disaster recovery (DR) and security.

Details of New Stream Processing Quick Start Solution
The new Stream Processing Quick Start Solution includes a one-year subscription of six nodes of MapR that can easily be expanded based on the solution requirements; free one year support for the Apache Spark stack; six weeks of big data and streams expertise with MapR professional services; and three MapR Hadoop certification credits. Additional details on the Stream Processing Quick Start Solution are available here.