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AlgoSec Supports Unified, Automated Security Policy Management Across Microsoft Azure

AlgoSec, the market leader for Security Policy Management, today announced support for the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. Delivering on its strategy to support all the leading public cloud platforms, AlgoSec now enables unified security policy management across hybrid environments.   

“Enterprises are struggling to identify the right security policies to migrate to the cloud and to understand how to manage them alongside their on-premise policies,” said Edy Almer, VP Product at AlgoSec. “Thanks to our collaboration with Microsoft Azure, we have made the process a lot easier. With our new support for Microsoft Azure, the AlgoSec Security Management solution provides the visibility and automation needed to migrate, and then seamlessly unify security policy management across on-premise and public cloud environments - giving enterprise organizations the solution they need to make their organizations agile, secure and compliant – irrespective of where their business applications are deployed.”

“Security is obviously a key concern for anyone transferring their business applications to the cloud. With AlgoSec’s security management solution customers can simply and automatically migrate and manage their security policies consistently across their on-premise data centers and on Microsoft Azure. This will help ensure that business applications deployed on Microsoft Azure remain secure and compliant,” said Nicole Herskowitz, senior director of product marketing, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Corp.

The AlgoSec Security Management solution enables users deploying business applications on Azure to:

  • Automatically discover and migrate application connectivity flows to Azure
  • Get full visibility across the entire enterprise environment in a single console, including traditional and next generation firewalls deployed on-premise and firewalls on Azure
  • Fully automate change management processes, including hands-free policy push to firewalls deployed on Azure
  • Automatically assess risk to detect unauthorized or risky firewall changes, and inefficient or unnecessary policies.
  • Instantly generate out-of-the-box regulatory compliance reports (PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, and many more)

The AlgoSec Security Management solution manages complex network security policies throughout their lifecycle— from discovering application connectivity requirements, through ongoing change management and proactive risk analysis, to secure decommissioning. With powerful visibility across all leading firewalls and cloud security controls, AlgoSec simplifies, automates and orchestrates security policy management to accelerate application delivery while ensuring security and continuous compliance across the enterprise.