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Scott Logic launches new technology demo

Bespoke software development consultancy Scott Logic has today launched a new application that demonstrates its expertise in HTML5, allowing users to explore the price and performance of various stocks via a novel desktop interface.

The StockFlux demo, which uses OpenFin’s HTML5 container, is intended to show firms in the Financial Services industry what can be achieved with HTML5 technologies on the desktop.

Technology Director Colin Eberhardt explained: “Adapting web-based HTML5 applications to run on the desktop is as much a User Experience challenge as it is a technology challenge, and many financial companies are unsure about migrating to modern web-based technologies.

“With this demonstration we wanted to explore the opportunities that OpenFin and the desktop present, making use of these features in a thoughtful, and ultimately useful fashion. Taking inspiration from other multi-window applications, we have looked to create an interface that is rich, adaptive and intuitive.”

In the demo, you can open multiple windows by dragging tiles outside of the favourites pane, re-dock by dragging them back in, ‘collapse’ a window to create a compact tile view and re-open recently closed windows in their original state.

To create the app, Colin and his team drew on their extensive commercial experience building bespoke trading platforms, which has given them a deep understanding of the myriad challenges. Whether it’s tackling the complexities of streaming technologies, building a microservice infrastructure, or tricky client-side performance hurdles, Scott Logic is experienced in helping firms meet these challenges.

Colin added: “Recently we’ve been seeing an increased demand for desktop HTML5 applications, and are currently developing solutions for a number of our clients. We are also passionate supporters of and contributors to the open source community. This application makes use of d3fc, our open source charting components, that complement the popular D3 library. The source for the application itself is also available on GitHub. We plan to continue the evolution of this application, adding features and refinements, all of which will be visible on GitHub.”