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ProTrak International Announces the Release of its CRM 11.0 Software

ProTrak International today announced a major upgrade to their CRM platform for Investment Managers, Hedge Funds and Private Equity firms.  In keeping with its dedication to the traditional and alternative investment segments, ProTrak International announced its distribution of Release 11.0 for its CRM product line that includes on-premises, browser-based, and mobile licenses. 

Some of the major highlights of  ProTrak’s release include:

  • Keep the original of every document referenced in ProTrak

A new option allows you to set up a designated secure folder where a copy of every document referenced in ProTrak is automatically kept and preserved in its original form, so that users cannot move or delete them. 

  • Powerful querying just got even easier

Based on our extensive observations and feedback from our global user community, we’ve added a predictive, wizard-like Simplified Query option that pre-fills commonly used fields to save you time and ensure you get the results you expect.  Brilliant for new users.

  • Individually personalized watermarks enable mass-customized reporting in minutes

We’ve added the ability to individually customize watermarks for distinct .PDF reports, making ProTrak’s mass communications capabilities even better at saving you time without sacrificing the personal touch.

  • Access frequently used documents easily – whether for reference or to send out

Quickly and easily access any document you use often.   A couple of clicks finds it.  With another click you can send it out to prospects, clients, consultants or anyone who needs it.

  • See Fund Cash Flows at a glance

If you import your clients Transaction History, this report displays and tallies all transactions, such as Subscriptions and Redemptions, for the selected Fund over a selected time period.

  • Even more flexible Pipeline options

Track your Pipeline and its history from the Activities and Follow-ups using the fields that work best for you – from full notes to a simple summary and almost everything in between.

  • Pin your favorite profiles for quick access

The browser-based enhancement lets you see ‘recently viewed’ profiles in session.  Now you can pin the ones you refer to most frequently for quick retrieval every time you open ProTrak. 

  • New, powerful Account Valuation Dashboard

We’ve added a new infographic dashboard via browser-based access that shows a history of account market values for each investor account for the YTD, 1YR, 3YR, 5YR, 10 YR and “Since Inception”, using data periodically imported from your fund Administrators or in-house systems.

“This release incorporates a number of major enhancements indicative of an active, global user community that continually adds to ProTrak’s industry-focused, out-of-the-box functionality”, said Simon Koziel, President of ProTrak.  “We are always happy to help our users meet the ever changing requirements of our industry.”