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BPC Banking Technologies delivers outstanding performance on HPE Superdome X

BPC Banking Technologies, a world leading provider of payment solutions, reports on the completion of a set of tests on HPE Integrity Superdome X server. These benchmark tests were designed to verify the performance and availability as well as compatibility of SmartVista suite and HPE mission-critical x86 servers as part of the Global Alliance strategy between BPC and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Test scenarios replicated a series of real-life business workloads of stand-in authorization and transactions switching. The stand-in authorization benchmarked the environment of 1,000,000 card accounts, 100,000 POS-terminals and 10,000 ATMs to prove the availability of the system within POS-based purchases and balance inquiries as well as ATM cash withdrawals. During this test BPC SmartVista on the HPE Superdome X platform performed 3200 TPS of sustained load. This equates to serving over 11.5 mln operations per hour standing for a sustainable and available system’s performance of a large international bank.

The transaction switching scenario of testing demonstrated 3800 TPS, resulting in over 13.6 mln operations per hour and requests from acquirer’s channels to international payment systems. 

“BPC Banking Technologies and Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s partnership proves yet again the benefits of using joint installations of SmartVista and HPE hardware resulting in extreme cost efficiency and scaling predictability. The combination of SmartVista and HPE Superdome X means that financial services companies, no matter what their size is, can be certain that their payments infrastructure will deliver continuous service, regardless of the transaction volumes”, comments Marcel Bank, Global Head of Product Development and Project Delivery.

“The Superdome X is a powerful converged x86 system that has been equipped to deliver very high performance, in-memory capability, strong scalability (up to 16 sockets), and a range of high-availability features throughout the system — from silicon to HP nPars, crossbar fabric, firmware, OS, apps, cluster software, and services. It can handle the most demanding workloads fast and without interruption. Because of its converged infrastructure, the Superdome X also provides TCO efficiencies that, after a decade of x86 server sprawl and soaring operating expenses in the datacenter, are in high demand” – says Peter Rutten, IDC research manager.