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New global insurance conference: DIA Barcelona

Connecting change agents with fintech leaders

DIA Barcelona is the first and biggest global conference connecting insurance executives with fintech leaders. The conference takes place on 20 and 21 April in Barcelona. More than 50 innovative technology companies and startups will showcase their latest solutions to the global insurance audience.

The Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) covers topics like mobile, social, advanced analytics, machine learning, APIs, the Internet of Things, blockchain technology, wearables, connected home devices, e-health and vehicle telematics.

Future of insurance carriers

Insurance firms have put digital transformation at the top of their agenda. DIA showcases provocative startups, as well as tried and tested innovations, the latest and most exciting from tech leaders. The conference features innovative solutions for new value propositions and revenue streams, automated claims management, even leaner operations, superb personal yet cost efficient service, effective customer acquisition, increased loyalty and advocacy, and much more.

De Feniks, founder of DIA, adds: “Debates with global industry executives taught us there is a need for connecting change agents at insurance firms to fintech leaders in an efficient and effective manner. With the Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) we tap into this need.”

Challenges of the industry

Technology in insurance or ‘insurtech’ can be considered the next big wave in Fintech. The founders of DIA Barcelona identify four key challenges that insurance carriers are facing. Each challenge drives sense of urgency at insurance firms to accelerate digital transformation. And each challenge also invites new entrants to move into the insurance space.

Peverelli, founder of DIA, explains: “Insurance carriers face important challenges. The cost levels are too high, customer engagement options are limited and the Internet of Things may change how customers are advised and interact with financial institutions, both physically and remotely. In the financial area the speed of innovation has been limited so far.”

Enhance digital strategy at DIA

DIA sets the Digital Insurance Agenda for the near and long-term future. Fintechs from the USA, Europe and Asia will be attending the conference. Think of parties like Nest Labs, Additiv, Netbooster, BigML, Censio, Chipin, LogicalGlue, RoundCube, GoBear, Outshared, Knip, Vlocity, VitalHealth, Eris Industries, Backbase, ClaimDi, Everledger, Salesforce and Trov. Only solutions that increase cost saving, boost revenue, or accelerate the digital agenda of insurers are selected.