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Chatham Financial Launches New Hedging Diagnostics Toolkit for Community and Mid-Size Banks

Real-time, web-based market assessment tool for lending is the first of its kind

Chatham Financial, an independent full-service advisory and technology solutions provider, today unveiled its proprietary Hedging Diagnostic Toolkit. The Toolkit is a new suite of products designed to help small and mid-size banks make more informed decisions when competing for quality long-term fixed rate lending opportunities while also defending and improving the bank’s own net interest margin.

In an environment where every basis point counts and margins are growing ever tighter, the Hedging Diagnostics Toolkit allows banks to make fully-informed decisions to be consistent and accurate in their loan pricing. The product contains a Market Assessment Tool that offers financial institutions—for the first time—the ability to view market swap rates in real time to assist in the management of the bank’s interest rate risk.

The toolkit includes the following components:

  • Market Assessment Tool from Chatham (MATCh) – Chatham Financial’s new web-based market assessment tool that allows users to view market swap rates for fixed rate loan pricing
  • Draft Hedge Policy – A hedging policy that allows users to evaluate whether derivatives strategies are right for them and how they can best be deployed
  • Hedging Education – A comprehensive blueprint to understanding hedging and derivatives practices
  • Hedging Roadmap – A guide to deploying the hedging strategy that Chatham Financial has custom-created for each user

“With this product, banks can finally become better poised to meet the needs and pressures from borrowers and lenders. They can make the transition from price takers to price makers,” said Ben Lewis, a managing director within the Financial Institution Advisory practice at Chatham Financial. “This toolkit, backed by Chatham’s extensive advisory expertise, serves as the stepping stone to derivatives solutions that banks looking to enter this space have been searching for.”

Beyond providing insights into lending decisions, Chatham’s toolkit allows banks to evaluate if hedging and derivatives strategies are the right tool for them. The product also provides banks with a conceptual and practical approach to incorporating a hedging discipline to their practice.

The Hedging Diagnostic Toolkit is the latest solution developed from Chatham Financial’s deep background of advisory expertise with financial institutions. On a daily basis, Chatham advises community and regional bank clients nationwide in areas of borrower swap solutions, balance sheet risk management, investment advisory solutions and hedge accounting solutions.