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AIB Bank chooses SAS to put customers first

Financial Services Group will generate advanced customer insight with quick and easy deployment

AIB Bank is adopting an omni-channel strategy to drive superior customer experience. This is being enabled by industrialising its analytical processes so that model output is 10 times greater, with no need to grow headcount.

However, with 2.3 million customers and over 30 million online value transactions each year, understanding its customers can be tricky. That’s why AIB has chosen SAS, the world’s leading analytics provider, to help with understanding each of its customer’s financial needs and offering them the best solutions. 

AIB’s analytics factory is a deployment that comprises a number of SAS solutions that deliver end-to-end capability. It provides the ability to take a business query and explore available data to provide insights before creating, deploying, measuring and maintaining the associated analytical models. This is all done in a controlled and governed environment that provides access to data analytics for all skill levels from entry-level analyst to data scientist. 

“Using the analytics factory, we will be able to increase our output from 10s to 100s of analytical models which will help us learn more about our customers’ preferences,” explains Fergal Coburn, Head of Retail, Corporate and Business Development and Analytics at AIB. “We believe providing our customers with an experience that is complete, consistent and connected across all our engagement channels will help us to realise our goal of providing the best customer experience in the market.”

“What AIB is doing with its omni-channel strategy is really exciting and a great example of how banks are looking to rebuild their reputations and become closely aligned with their customers,” commented John Farrelly, SAS Regional Director (Ireland).  “There is no doubt that banks are ideally positioned to leverage the vast amount of data available to them.  With the analytics factory approach, AIB can manage, process and analyse big data to better understand its customers and bring to life that superior customer experience.”