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NewVoiceMedia Twitter competition reveals, good customer service satisfies, negative experiences linger

NewVoiceMedia, a leading global provider of cloud technology which helps businesses sell more, serve better and grow faster, today announced the findings of its Summer Twitter competition aimed at drawing out people’s most memorable customer service experiences. The competition elicited hundreds of responses, which were 59 percent positive and 41 percent negative. In general, the warmer responses revolved around quick, personalised service, while the negative were more specific and memorable.

“For businesses to provide exemplary customer service, it’s important to know which experiences really make a memorable impact”, said NewVoiceMedia CEO, Jonathan Gale. “Our competition provided a platform for consumers to highlight the good, the bad and the ugly side of service. We found that positive service experiences do make an impression – and people want to talk about it. That’s a huge asset for growing companies trying to build positive awareness”.

A 2013 study by NewVoiceMedia, which investigated customer experiences in the UK, proved that the quality of customer service has a massive impact on a company’s bottom line. 12 billion pounds in revenue is transferred between businesses every year as dissatisfied customers seek alternative options following a poor customer experience. The research found that 71 percent of respondents would recommend a company to others following a positive interaction, while 20 percent would take revenge by posting a review online or sharing their frustration on social media, following a negative one.

The positive feedback NewVoiceMedia received for the Twitter competition, revolved around quick, attentive service, speed of response and personalised attention, with the latter being the most pervasive factor. The competition drew responses like:

• @radiodeactive: Virgin Media Service came to install new phone line, and turned my fridge freezer round for me! #gr8cx
• ‏@comp_julie: My #gr8cx: I slipped on some butter in front of Tesco cust services, unhurt. They took my name & address, and next day a huge bouquet. 
• @ions123: On a family meal, waitress was lovely & helpful, when my son starting crying, she took him to see the ducks while we finished.
• @delykguy: Had best customer service experience ever today! A lady at Charter lowered bill & gave me a free movie 4 my bday! #gr8cx 

NewVoiceMedia’s ‘Serial Switchers’ study, which found that 28 percent of customers who switch from one business to another do so because of feeling under-appreciated, reinforces the importance of attentive service.

The positive responses were numerous, but the negative experiences had a deeper, more profound impact. Most of the positive responses concerned recent events, while many of the negative ones spanned years.

“It’s an important wake up call for any business that might be tempted to skimp on customer service,” added Gale. “Even if you think you can live without the positive evangelism that comes from happy customers, you absolutely can’t afford to alienate customers because they will remember and talk about it for years to come. Clearly, failing to invest in customer service is not an option.”

The competition winner Jonathan Jongkind, who was selected at random, was awarded an Apple Watch for his tweets: 
• Being called by the wrong name by telephone support, despite the fact they had my account details on screen! #cxfail
• Asked to speak to a manager on a call, the person I spoke to did not know how to transfer a call, so could not! #cxfail