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STET to launch a Pan-European Instant Payment Service

STET has decided to deliver an Instant Payment Infrastructure that will allow European PSPs to deliver a service compliant with the SCTinst scheme to be defined by the EPC.

The solution will be offered to the French banking community as an early adopter but will be open to any PSP or PSP community all over Europe.

The technical infrastructure will also be offered on a white labelled basis to European communities whishing to retain a local governance. 

Currently operating a real time clearing system for retail payments STET is committed to deliver a secure, resilient and cost effective solution on time. 

STET is the major CSM in Europe with more than 15 billion transactions per year and supporting the full range of payment instruments.

This new offering will complete STET’s service range consisting of “Multi-CSM”, its single platform, multi-community, for the non-SEPA instruments including cards clearing and “SEPA.EU”, its SEPA schemes CSM.