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NewVoiceMedia strengthens ContactWorld for Sales solution to revolutionise sales performance and productivity

NewVoiceMedia, a leading global provider of cloud technology which helps businesses sell more, serve better and grow faster, today announced that it has introduced major new product features to its ContactWorld for Sales solution which will dramatically improve the performance and success of sales organisations worldwide.

With the latest edition of ContactWorld for Sales, time-consuming processes are automated, helping businesses stay ahead of the competition and increase productivity by 25 percent. Recently ranked the world’s 11th top cloud technology startup, NewVoiceMedia is committed to investing in the development of its suite of true cloud solutions to continue offering customers the best possible technology within a single Salesforce desktop and provide excellent support globally. The company is extremely agile in its development, creating updates every week, and this quarter saw the introduction of several significant new features for ContactWorld for Sales:

  • According to Harvard Business Review, sales reps that respond to leads within an hour are seven times more likely to have meaningful conversations with key decision makers than firms that try to contact prospects even an hour later. Yet only 37 percent of companies do so, with an average response time of 42 hours. With the latest version of ContactWorld, Salesforce reports can be easily turned into dial lists which now automatically refresh to push the hottest leads to the top – helping businesses stay ahead of the competition by enabling them to respond quickly.
  • Research NewVoiceMedia released in March, showed that only 39 percent of prospects would answer a call from a withheld number, yet two-thirds (65%) would answer a call with a local code. ContactWorld’s dialler now automatically changes the CLID (Calling Line Identification) displayed based on what is known about the customer, helping businesses boost success by 67 percent.
  • NewVoiceMedia has also introduced a voicemail feature to ContactWorld which enables callers to automatically leave a message and move on to the next prospect. With inside sales reps spending an average of four hours on the phone every day and 97 percent of business calls going to voicemail according to sales strategist Jill Konrath, this represents a time saving of over an hour a day¹, or 75 hours each week when an entire inside sales team takes advantage of the feature² (based on an average team of 12 reps). This enables reps to make extra calls and have more time to focus on the most valuable and interesting parts of their job.

This announcement closely follows the launch of Motivate, NewVoiceMedia’s gamification module. Using the combined power and intelligence of ContactWorld for Sales and Motivate, together with the single platform of Salesforce, organisations can transform everyday tasks into rewarding activities that will help increase engagement and encourage reps to develop a habit of best practice processes. In turn this results in a measurable improvement in business efficiency, especially through improved user CRM adoption and more opportunities created.

NewVoiceMedia also announced its partnership with predictive analytics firm Fliptop in May, which enables sales organisations to score leads and opportunities within a company's pipeline based on over 5,000 individual internal and external data points.

This new release will help companies address issues highlighted by NewVoiceMedia’s research, which revealed that sales teams are failing to use data-driven insights and personalisation to close deals. 86 percent of prospects claim that just five minutes of preparation prior to sales calls boosts success, yet more than half of calls are poorly researched. With the latest features from ContactWorld for Sales, reps will have more time to research leads, and alongside Fliptop, the focus they need to make every conversation personalised and relevant to the prospect.

Bethany Ayers, SVP Strategy at NewVoiceMedia, comments, “We pride ourselves on the hard work and innovation it has taken to create our market-leading technology which is delivered as a true cloud service over the Internet. Cloud computing and agile development methods are at the very core of our business ethos and these major enhancements to ContactWorld for Sales reflect our relentless dedication to making our cloud capabilities best-in-class and enabling our customers to drive a more effective sales team”.

¹Based on sales 2.0 best practice of four hours of call time and 50 calls per day, 97% of all business calls go to voicemail – saving of 1.5 minutes to leave a voicemail for each call = 73.5 minute daily saving per rep
² Based on The Bridge Group’s 2009 Inside Sales Report, which states that the average inside sales team is 12 reps