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Carbon Market Data publishes the EU ETS Company Rankings 2014

Carbon Market Data, a European company providing carbon market research and data supply services, published the rankings of companies included in the European Union's emissions trading scheme, following the release of verified emissions reports for the year 2014.

Based on Carbon Market Data's research, RWE, Vattenfall and E.ON were the three biggest CO2 emitters of the EU emissions trading scheme during the year 2014. RWE, Vattenfall and E.ON emitted in 2014 respectively 141 MtCO2, 96 MtCO2 and 67 MtCO2. These figures are calculated at group level, taking into account both minority and majority stakeholdings in other companies included in the EU emissions trading scheme.

RWE, the German energy group, had in 2014 a shortage of 139 million free carbon allowances. At current EUA price of 7.45 Euros, RWE's shortage represents a value of more than one billion Euros.

In 2014, the three companies with the highest surplus of EU carbon allowances (EUAs) were three steel makers : Riva Group (7.2 million EUAs surplus), ArcelorMittal (6 million EUAs surplus) and Tata (5 million EUAs surplus).