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BNY Mellon's Pershing Leverages Big Data Analytics to Deliver the OpportunityView™ Solution to its Clients

Fully integrated, seamless program complements clients' existing investment strategies and shows potential fully-paid securities lending opportunities

Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon company, today announced the launch of OpportunityView™, a new solution designed to help advisors and broker-dealers identify opportunities to increase returns for their clients. OpportunityView, which is available on Pershing's NetX360® platform, will use big data analytics to help advisors more easily determine how specific clients could benefit from a wide spectrum of investment products. The first generation of OpportunityView will help advisors identify fully paid securities lending (FPSL) strategies for qualified investors.

Securities lending is a common strategy used by institutional or sophisticated investors to generate additional income in their portfolio by temporarily loaning securities to a financial institution. In the past, it has been a manual and time-consuming procedure. With OpportunityView, advisors can now automate and streamline the process in a single click. The innovative technology uses big data to equip advisors with account insights, locates the best securities lending opportunities on a daily basis and matches them for consideration against every position across all qualified clients. 

"OpportunityView places the power of big data into the hands of advisors and demonstrates yet another innovative solution being brought to market by Pershing," said Gerry Tamburro, head of Pershing Prime Services and Collateral Funding and Trading. "By providing advisors with the visibility to quickly spot lending opportunities, OpportunityView gives them important insights to help their clients earn incremental revenue."

OpportunityView features intuitive visual and predictive capabilities that enable advisors to see and scan all opportunities, including hard-to-borrow securities. The solution also shows advisors the potential revenue that they can generate for their clients. By providing advisors with visualizations of all potential opportunities, it allows them to identify the positions that offer an attractive return rate for the investor.

Investors who sign up to lend securities will receive a daily report from their advisors reviewing any activity and income. Since the program is completely integrated within NetX360, advisors can easily monitor the number of shares on loan as well as loan values by client, investment professional or office range. OpportunityView provides advisor FAQs, comprehensive product information and has been designed to facilitate easy sign up.

"While it offers investors the benefit of potentially increasing their returns, OpportunityView also provides value to advisors by simplifying an otherwise complex process," Tamburro added. "It can help them to cultivate deeper, richer relationships with their clients through a well-established, minimal-risk offering that requires little time and minimal resources."

Pershing plans to add other investment products to OpportunityView in the year ahead.