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BNY Mellon's Pershing Implements Multi-faceted Digital Enablement Strategy to Help Advisors Embrace the Digital Revolution

Rapidly evolving technology is creating a new world of digitally connected advisors and investors

At its INSITE™ 2015 conference, Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon company, today announced a multi-faceted digital enablement strategy designed to revolutionize how advisors and investors work together in 2015 and beyond. Pershing's new technology strategy focuses on helping advisors advance along the digital spectrum by providing them with digital capabilities to heighten the investor-advisor experience. 

"Today's announcement represents the next step in our long-term strategic plan to deliver a superior investor-advisor experience enabling our clients to transform into a digital business," said Ram Nagappan, managing director and chief information officer of Pershing. "Our digital enablement strategy is a client-focused approach that has been designed to help advisors unleash the full potential of various digital capabilities. It is important to extend our strategy beyond just digital advice to enable advisors to deliver a comprehensive digital experience that allows for faster, more meaningful connections with investors." 

With a focus on automation, integration and innovation, Pershing is also implementing its digital enablement strategy along six key dimensions to help clients strengthen their positioning along the digital spectrum: 

  • Digital Advice. Pershing will offer advisors a selection of adaptive digital advice solutions, including customizable tools that will give advisors the flexibility to maintain ownership of their clients' assets, leverage their own investing models and easily access solutions through Pershing's NetX360® platform for advisors and NetXInvestor® for their clients. The investor experience will encompass account opening and funding, automated risk profiling and allocation, account aggregation, and portfolio rebalancing features. 
  • Digital Practice Management.  Through NetX360, Pershing will offer advisors access to Vestorly, a digital content management platform. The integration of Vestorly is intended to help advisors strengthen client engagement and drive qualified leads by providing them with an automated collection of high-quality marketing content to augment their client communications plans and make sharing easy with their investors. Additionally, Pershing is working to improve clients' technology savvy, or digital quotient, to help them better understand how technology can meet their unique business needs, improve efficiencies and help to enrich client interactions and relationships. 
  • Data-Driven Insights. As part of its data-centric and decision science strategy, Pershing is focused on digitizing existing services through more automation, trend analysis tools, data visualization, and leveraging predictive analytics to provide advisors with meaningful data-driven insights to help them manage risk and drive new revenue opportunities. The results of these efforts are reflected in recently released enhancements such as the newly redesigned NetX360 advisor dashboards, as well as new solutions including OpportunityView® and Subscribe® Annuity Analytics Dashboard. Later in the year, Pershing will launch Asset Flow, an interactive dashboard that will provide users insights into the type, timing and variation of asset flows across their business.  
  • Investor-Advisor Collaboration.  Pershing's ongoing commitment to enhancing investor-advisor collaboration is reflected in its integrated suite of solutions that refine the user experience and improve how advisors interact with their clients. Pershing is currently focusing on delivering document sharing capabilities, video collaboration, enriched mobile experiences for advisors and investors, including apps that provide investors with updates via wearable devices. 
  • Next Generation of Integration. In recognizing that many of its clients use solutions from various providers and to offer them more choice and financial technology innovation, Pershing is creating an enterprise-wide Application Program Interface (API) store instead of vertically integrating applications. The API store will enhance Pershing's technology ecosystem by making it easy for Pershing's clients and third-party providers to use its services directly through their own technology. Pershing's API store will offer easy access to a comprehensive catalog of API solutions offered through BNY Mellon and Pershing. The API store is intended to help Pershing expand its reach, engage users and transform its clients' business operations to be more agile, flexible and dynamic in the new digital economy. 
  • Innovation Centers. Pershing continues to drive a culture of innovation, attract top talent and deliver   solutions aligned with emerging technologies and trends, through its global innovation centers. These centers are incubators for innovation and include the recent addition of BNY Mellon's flagship center in Silicon Valley along with a global center of excellence in New Jersey and two in India, in Pune and Chennai. Each innovation center encourages breakthrough thinking and collaboration focused on, mobile development, cloud computing, application development, information security and decision science/analytics.  

Pershing's digital enablement strategy spans the full user experience and is drawn from extensive and ongoing investor, advisor and client feedback. It has been developed to ensure the delivery of technology solutions and enhancements that can help advisors grow, improve efficiency and gain a sustainable competitive edge.