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Labor First retires on-premise technology to increase customer service efficiency tenfold with NewVoiceMedia

NewVoiceMedia, a leading global provider of omni-channel cloud customer contact technology, today announced that retiree benefit management company Labor First has increased its customer service efficiency tenfold with its ContactWorld for Service solution. With NewVoiceMedia’s true cloud technology, the number of members Labor First supports has soared from 4,000 to 25,000 without the need to increase staff, providing an incredible $197,600 return in just a year.

Labor First helps 30 different unions and 25,000 individual members receive cost-effective healthcare benefits to meet their retiree health demands. With NewVoiceMedia and Salesforce, Labor First can more effectively address retiree enquiries with the added flexibility to scale team resources in real-time.

“The difference between the way we were operating before and the way we’re working now is absolutely astounding”, said David Zawrotny, president of Labor First. “NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld for Service solution enabled us to eliminate antiquated and manual call logging processes by automating call recordings and providing rich analytics around each engagement. These efficiency gains have been tremendous and helped us to expand into new markets and verticals. We’ve been going non-stop ever since”.

Labor First has benefitted from multiple NewVoiceMedia features, including flexible working which enables agents to work remotely as needed, integrated call recording, dynamic routing, callback, limitless scalability, reporting and dashboards. These features assist Labor First in a number of ways: the ability to work remotely means that Labor First can hire customer advocates from all over the country, and they have the autonomy to be productive no matter where they are. The other features keep Labor First compliant with Medicare service guidelines while improving employee productivity by providing them with more bandwidth to establish deeper relationships and take on new clients. Another added benefit is that the migration from the company’s old call system to NewVoiceMedia happened in a single day, without any downtime or delays for Labor First clients.

“The work that Labor First is doing for companies maintaining healthcare and retirement benefits is incredibly important and requires a lot of personal customer interaction”, said Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia. “NewVoiceMedia’s cloud customer contact solutions are engineered to help companies manage high customer demands. The incredible business benefit that Labor First has experienced with NewVoiceMedia further validates the value of a reliable cloud communications platform. We believe that using ContactWorld will continue to help the company scale and maintain its leading customer service and support”.