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SunGard Wins FTF News Technology Innovation Awards for Collateral Management and Corporate Actions

SunGard has been named “Best Collateral Management Solution” and “Best Corporate Actions Processing Solution” in the FTF News Technology Innovation Awards 2015. SunGard is also an FTF Gold Standard Award recipient in the “Best New Post-Trade Solution for the Buy-Side” category.
SunGard’s Apex Collateral provides enterprise-wide collateral management, optimization and trading on a single platform to foster a holistic collateral management approach, and delivers innovations that include integrated optimization and automated allocation of assets. SunGard’s XSP provides end-to-end corporate actions process automation resulting in cleansed and standardized “golden copy” data for downstream notification and response capture to help maximize efficiencies and reduce risks.
Earning recognition in the post-trade solution for the buy-side category, several SunGard solutions help bring innovation to the middle and back offices. XSP innovations over the last year included the launch of Corporate Actions BPaaS (Business Process as a Service), which consolidates, cleanses and scrubs corporate actions announcement data from multiple vendors and then transmits a single golden record, as well as XSPosure, a cloud-based dashboard to help users identify potential areas of risk through an easy-to-use visual representation of their risk exposure. SunGard’s Hedge360 supports the full investment life cycle for hedge funds, while its APT solutions meets the buy-side’s growing demands for integrated risk management and risk reporting across multiple asset classes. Used by top asset servicers, asset managers and institutional investors, SunGard’sInvestOne provides global investment accounting for over $25 trillion in assets and 80,000 funds, and maintains a broad range of account types including pension funds, institutional portfolios, endowments, hedge funds and mutual funds.
“We had more than 250 nominations overall and nearly 10,000 votes, making this year’s awards season the most competitive FTF has ever seen. The winners should all be congratulated for their hard work and achievements in 2014 as there are so many great companies with excellent products facing tough competition in the Ops space. To be recognized as the best by the industry itself is something to be truly proud of. We are very much looking forward to celebrating with the award winners, their clients and industry participants at the Rainbow Room in New York City on June 2 following the close of FTF’s two-day SecOps USA conference.” - Maureen Lowe, Founder and President of FTF
“SunGard continues to find new ways to help financial institutions reduce total cost of ownership, minimize risk, and adapt to change. By leveraging our solutions, customers can make the best use of their collateral assets and handle increasing volumes and complexity of collateralized trading activities and corporate actions events. We are very proud to be recognized for developing innovative solutions that help firms manage complex investment strategies, maintain profitability, and support ongoing growth.” - John Grimaldi, group president, SunGard’s securities finance and processing business