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AGRICA Group subscribes to OTCFin’s Enterprise Data Management Service

AGRICA, the French social welfare group for agricultural sector workers, has selected OTCFin, a financial technology firm that specializes in Portfolio and Risk data management, to assist them with their Solvency 2 implementation as well as help AGRICA EPARGNE, their asset management arm, streamline their investment process.

OTCFin’s mission is to load, cleanse and organize AGRICA’s holdings into its PATOne data hub. Upon checking the data completeness and accuracy, OTCFin will provide AGRICA with an integrated data file to compute MCR calculations and generate reports for Solvency II. OTCFin will build fully automated interfaces to all administrators and asset managers to collect and integrate AGRICA’s data.

This data integration, enrichment and monitoring effort will be fully leveraging OTCFin´s PATOne® data management capabilities to generate a clean portfolio, risk, and Solvency data set on a monthly basis. AGRICA’s risk and portfolio management teams will have a comprehensive and systematic view of their assets to perform their risk and performance analyses as well as meet Solvency II regulatory reporting requirements.

Ludovica Grisi della Pie, Director of Business Development and Client Relations of OTCFin Europe, notes: “We are extremely pleased to provide AGRICA Group with our enterprise data management offering. In addition to producing high quality data and providing enterprise-wide transparency, our platform will enable AGRICA to meet increasing regulatory requirements as well as strengthen the Group’s assets and liabilities risk management function”.

OTCFin was selected by AGRICA Group following a rigorous process and a Proof of Concept phase, which allowed OTCFin to demonstrate the strength, expertise and quality of its transparency and Solvency II service offering.

Jean-Claude Guimiot, Chief Operating Officer of AGRICA EPARGNE, says: “AGRICA Group is quite pleased to build this partnership with OTCFin. We are confident about their ability to deliver an efficient and customized state of the art platform that will help us better analyze our risk and optimize our asset allocations while meeting our reporting needs”.