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Global Payments First to Offer truRating’s Revolutionary Customer Rating Service

  • Market insights help businesses improve service based on customer feedback
  • 99 % of customers have said they would happily rate an experience again

Global Payments, one of the world's largest card processing providers, today announces that it will be the first company to integrate truRating's customer rating service on their payment terminals. 

The launch will allow shops, restaurants, hoteliers and other outlets to capture and then compare customer feedback gathered at the point of sale. Businesses are used to hearing from around 1% of customers through traditional feedback mechanisms. To date, 88% of paying customers shown a question have provided a rating through truRating. Exit surveys in a recent pilot of the product found that 99% of those who gave a rating would rate again always or often.

Each customer using a Global Payments' terminal in selected outlets around the UK will be asked just one question (from a bank of several) before they have entered their PIN number and completed their payment. The rating feeds a customer website, where customers will be able to view the ratings and an analytics dashboard for businesses who can benchmark themselves against others in their sector and test new service offerings, menus, new technology etc. on a scale of 0-9. 

The service is quick, anonymous and non-intrusive for customers, resulting in high response rates. It allows businesses to gather reliable feedback when the customer's experience is fresh in his or her mind and they will be able to access this information within 24 hours. This will help them to become more accountable and responsive to their customers' needs.

“It was easy to get going because we didn’t have to do anything extra,” comments The Real Greek’s general manager Monika Domanska. “But it helps that as managers we are passionate about it. The team operates it automatically now, so even on a busy shift during a Friday night, it doesn’t cause any delay or any other issues. If you have a problem with a shift, you can just go to the management dashboard to look at the data and read it like a book.”

Commenting on the announcement, Chris Davies, Managing Director, Global Payments, said: "truRating will benefit our customers by providing them with a near real-time, mass representative insight tool at an affordable price on a scale never before seen.  It has been developed in consultation with our customers and the demand for the service is proven with 95% of businesses saying they would switch it on  'tomorrow'* if the service was available.” 

"truRating is a fresh approach to the way customer feedback is gathered, giving people a say every time they pay for a good or service," said Georgina Nelson, Founder at truRating. Nelson continued: "Our online recommendation site, which will be open to everyone, is set to become the trusted place to compare different outlets all over the UK based on millions of representative ratings from real paying customers."