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Shell, BP and Evraz top the list of UK-listed greenhouse gas emitting companies

Carbon Market Data, a company providing carbon market research and IT services, is launching a new product, the GHG Reporting UK-Listed Company Database, which supplies information on the carbon footprint of UK-listed companies.

Based on Carbon Market Data's research, Shell, BP and Evraz top the list of greenhouse gas emitters among companies listed in the United Kingdom. Shell and BP, two major oil and gas producers, and Evraz, a steel maker and mining company, emitted in 2013 respectively 83 MtCO2e, 56 MtCo2e and 54 MtCO2e. These figures include direct emissions (from the combustion of fossil fuels) as well as indirect emissions (from the use of electricity). As an illustration, BP's greenhouse gas emissions in 2013 equals the carbon footprint of Ireland. Similarly, the combined greenhouse gas emissions of Shell, BP and Evraz correspond to the carbon footprint of Netherlands (191.7 MtcO2e in 2012).

"As we are approaching the UN Climate Change Conference at the end of this year, it is important to provide investors the possibility to identify and anticipate the carbon risk of their investment portfolios" points out Cédric Bleuez, director at Carbon Market Data. The UN Climate Change Conference objective is to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, from all the nations of the world.

Carbon Market Data recently launched a similar database disclosing carbon footprint information on South Korean companies, and announced it will expand its data offerings in the near future.