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Xignite to Kick off Fintech Revolution World Tour in Europe

Leading provider of cloud-based financial market data to visit growing fintech hubs 

Xignite, the leading provider of cloud-based financial market data, is pleased to announce the launch of its 2015 Fintech Revolution World Tour. To kick-off the tour, Xignite’s founder and CEO, Stephane Dubois, will be speaking in six European cities in just a week, followed later in the year with stops at fintech Meetups and conferences in Australia, Asia, Eastern Europe, the United States and Canada. When completed, Dubois, recently dubbed “the godfather of fintech APIs” will have visited 9 countries.

“The fintech revolution is a global phenomenon. The goal of this tour is to meet and unite fintech innovators, as well as leading executives from large financial services institutions, in order to drive disruption both within and across regions through idea-sharing and collaboration,” said Dubois. “Many of these global fintech hubs are showing extraordinary growth and potential, and we are excited to bring our industry leadership from Silicon Valley to a global scale in order to help drive their success, too.”

Xignite will kick-off the first phase of the tour in Frankfurt at Bankathon 2015: Code the Future of Fintech, a hackathon for designing advanced products and solutions for changing the world of banking. While places such as San Francisco, New York and London are recognized around the world as fintech hubs, financial technology centers of innovation are springing up at a rapid rate in cities such as Munich, Amsterdam and Zurich. This tremendous level of growth has opened a wide path of opportunity for fintech companies to reinvent the business of financial services by addressing challenges and inefficiencies with cutting-edge technologies.

“After the 2008 crisis, traditional finance was essentially buried in a mountain of regulatory sand, leaving very little room for innovation" said Dubois. "Today, we are looking at a much different landscape where finance is cool again. There is a burgeoning fintech industry in Europe made of professionals breaking away from large financial firms and bringing innovation back to the forefront.”

Xignite powers fintech startups across the globe with its financial market data APIs, which provide the tools that these emerging companies need in order to create innovative and disruptive applications in a convenient and cost-effective manner. The launch of Xignite’s world tour marks a significant milestone for the company, as it looks to both sustain and build its leadership in this space on a global scale. The company has participated in several leading European conferences in recent months, including FinovateEurope, and its engagement in this market helps to build on its reputation in this global fintech hotspot, before making stops in other major cities around the world.

Dubois will be speaking at the following events during the first phase of the tour:

Bankathon 2015: Code the Future of Fintech – April 26-28, Frankfurt
London Entrepreneur Fintech & Future Tech Club – April 28, London
Exec I/O Fintech – April 29, Frankfurt
Silicon Luxembourg – Fintech Meetup – May 4, Luxembourg
DFK 2015 – May 5, Munich
Fintech Meetup- APIs: Essential Infrastructure for Fintech – May 6, Zurich