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Launch of TCS BaNCS Digital platform to help banks deliver hyper-connected, personalized experience to customers

Platform expected to accelerate digital transformation initiatives in the financial sector 

Tata Consultancy Services announced the launch of its latest solution, TCS BaNCS Digital, to help financial institutions reimagine the digital experience for their customers and build a seamless and interconnected bank.

The TCS BaNCS Digital solution comprises both enterprise and consumer apps delivered on hybrid architecture. Designed to help banks unleash the true power of digital, the solutions will provide bank customers with an app and browser experience from a single platform and infrastructure.

Banks’ IT departments are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with their highly demanding consumers and their need for a superior, hyper-connected digital experience. The TCS BaNCS Digital solution helps banks face the key challenges today including the need to keep their mobile and online solutions in step with the fast-evolving range of devices, platforms and form factors that are being launched in the market. The TCS BaNCS Digital platform helps banks launch digital solutions with speed and banks no longer have to face inordinately long periods to build and launch apps or grapple with multiple, independent technology stacks and infrastructure, which result in high Total Cost of Ownership.

Commenting on the TCS BaNCS Digital launch, N Ganapathy Subramaniam, President, TCS Financial Solutions, said, “Being digitally enabled has become a pre-requisite for financial institutions to grow in a fast-changing environment. TCS BaNCS Digital is a next generation solution that will help our customers ‘Shift Digital’ and accelerate growth in the digital landscape.”

Subramaniam added, “TCS BaNCS Digital consists of a series of consumer and enterprise apps embracing hybrid architecture and responsive web design and addresses social media connectedness, real-time analytics and ecosystem integration to create a world-class digital experience.”

TCS BaNCS Digital is an enterprise-wide solution suite that enables banks, credit unions and other ­financial institutions to give their customers the flexibility and convenience of managing their ­finances from any place, at any time. It is an easily deployable and highly scalable solution catering to retail and corporate customers alike. The solution also provides mobile trading and wealth management capabilities and enables financial institutions to launch apps by customer segment, product or service, and deliver a rich and unifi­ed digital experience.

Financial institutions can adopt and deploy the TCS BaNCS Digital platform on top of pre-existing, third-party solutions, thereby integrating ecosystems and creating a marketplace where customers can access products and services more closely interlinked with their life styles.