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Accuity Releases Compliance Link 3.0 Further Reducing Regulatory and Reputational Risk


Automated Screening Manager will be launched to help automate the entire screening process and increase efficiency

Accuity, a leading global provider of financial data for over 175 years, today announced the release of Compliance Link version 3.0, the latest upgrade of Accuity’s watch list filtering solution. Significant product enhancements include the debut of an Automated Screening Manager, designed to constantly monitor a customer’s full database against sanctions updates through automated techniques that save time and increase efficiency. The Automated Screening Manager is designed to further enhance the capabilities of compliance professionals, to align with regulatory standards and global best practices against money laundering and financial crime. It will help automate the entire customer account screening process, reducing overall regulatory and reputational risk.

Compliance Link’s Automated Screening Manager introduces intelligent watch list screening which streamlines the entire customer screening process providing consolidated reviews and a complete audit trail. Screening happens continuously, and compliance professionals are notified when there is work that they need to review. Compliance Link utilises advanced watch list grouping technology so that the same person or organisation across multiple sanctions lists are automatically grouped together into one record for ease of review and efficiency in screening. Compliance Link’s robust audit trail captures all necessary information in one easy to represent format including the latest watch lists screened through continuous monitoring, user review notes and case attachments.

Through a one-stop solution to meet screening needs, Compliance Link version 3.0 provides:

  • Continuous watch list monitoring of your existing customer database. ‘Good’ records are sustained and eliminated from future reviews providing the details that caused any match are not changed.
  • Automated notifications alert users only when they have work to complete
  • Cases are locked when checked out, to avoid review duplication by users
  • Consolidation of watch list entity  across multiple lists streamlining the review process
  • All-inclusive audit trail

By understanding the aspects of the customer data and the tight coupling with Accuity’s Global WatchList® data, Compliance Link’s Automated Screening Manager knows when and what to screen, reducing overall processing times and manual intervention.

According to Robert McKay, Managing Director for Compliance Solutions at Accuity, “Tackling illicit financial activity remains at the top of the agenda for over 15,000 banks and corporations that Accuity supports globally. Aligning best practices, reducing exposure to regulatory and reputational risk, increasing screening efficiency and prioritising the users’ time is no small task. The enhancements of Compliance Link version 3.0 and the introduction of the Automated Screening Manager aim to better automate the often time-consuming processes that compliance officers are dealing with on a day-to-day basis and ultimately boost efficiency.