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Xignite provide market data solutions in the cloud

Financial market data is the lifeblood of finance and the fuel of FinTech, but sourcing and integrating it has always been a hassle — until now.

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, Xignite is the leading provider of market data cloud solutions. Xignite is helping fuel FinTech innovation by powering web sites and apps for more than 1000 financial services, media, software and corporate clients, including FinTech standouts Betterment, Future Advisor, Motif Investing, Personal Capital, Robinhood, Stocktwits, Wealthfront, and Yodlee.

Xignite provides market data to the top FinTech companies

Market Data Distribution Made Easy

No doubt, you have heard about “the cloud”. Quite simply, the Xignite Market Data Cloud is a platform that reduces infrastructure headaches and expenses by hosting market data in the cloud. It is the underlying platform for several solutions our clients use to solve their business problems:

  • Developers use it to power their financial applications with our Market Data APIs

  • Exchanges & market data vendors use it to renew and expand their data business

  • Financial institutions use it internally to drive data adoption and reduce costs

Because it takes advantage of the scalability, efficiency and shared resources model of cloud computing, the Xignite Market Data Cloud, running on Amazon Web Services,  is the most powerful market data distribution platform available today, letting suppliers (exchanges and vendors) and consumers (financial developers and institutions) to easily consume financial market data on-demand over the Internet.

Xignite Market Data APIs

Xignite offers real-time, delayed, end of day and historical financial data APIs (application programming interface) across all asset classes, and provides several delivery options to allow users to easily integrate market data into any type of application. Xignite’s financial data APIs are optimized so that users can seamlessly locate, test and integrate market data into any application, using just about any technology. Xignite Market Data APIs deliver data-on-demand, and eliminate expensive technology infrastructure investments. The APIs can be used to integrate market data into web, mobile or corporate applications via customized XML, JSON or CSV formats.

What our Clients Say

 “Simply put, when we compared Xignite’s cloud-based model with others we found it to be more reliable, cheaper, and perhaps most importantly, simple to implement. It’s hard to imagine making it any easier to incorporate market data in an application.”- Mazin Jadallah Founder and CEO, AlphaClone 

“I spoke with many market data vendors and the pricing was just too high. I chose Xignite because of their price point, ease of use and integration, as well as the amount of ‘high touch’ personal service that I got when I was exploring a relationship.”- Igor Gonta, Founder and CEO Market Prophit

“We found Xignite’s APIs to be very easy to work with and implement, offering multiple data formats. We’ve also discovered that as StockTwits expands internationally, Xignite’s broad global coverage means that adding international market data is a simple and straightforward proposition.”- Chris Corriveau CTO StockTwits

“The main advantage Xignite offered us was that the market data is already sitting in a large, persistent database… Working with a single data source with a solid and consistent API structure is definitely a good thing.”- John Morris Co-Founder and CTO Visible Market and StockTouch

FinTech Apps - Client Showcase

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