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Firco Trust combines filtering intelligence with high performance processing capabilities

Firco Trust is a customer and entity screening solution that combines filtering intelligence with high performance processing capabilities. With Firco Trust, users can implement Know Your Customers (KYC) programs by filtering existing and new customers, counterparts or beneficiaries against any sanctions, PEPs or negative news list in batch, real-time or on-demand.

This Firco Trust project was deployed at a large insurance company in Europe and centralizes sanctions and PEPs screening of millions of records in more than 20 countries gaining significant efficiencies and improving protection against risk.

The best way to illustrate our project, is proving Firco Trust’s efficiency by quoting one of our customer: A Global Multi-line Insurance

Please find below the example of one of our customer taking advantages of Firco Trust solution.

The Challenge and Legal Requirements

In the area of financial crime, losses and fraud have increased during the past few years leading to a reinforcement of national and international regulations in terms of Know Your Customer (KYC) policies. Financial institutions and corporates depend on watch list filtering experts to ensure that effective systems are in place to guarantee that they are not doing business with counterparties yielding in unacceptable risk for the company.

A top tier global multi-line insurance company in Europe, decided to move towards a global customer and entity screening solution, which will complement global and local compliance policies, processes and procedures across its different branches / offices within the entire group. The screening tools prior to deploying FircoSoft globally were mainly driven locally, resulting in different screening solutions, creating inefficiencies and making the screening process difficult to manage globally.

Two key objectives for our customer were:

  • Implement a group-wide solution enabling local compliance officers within more than 20 countries across Life as well as Non-Life Insurance to perform analysis and make decisions locally through a centralized hub based in its headquarters.
  • To screen against a set of Sanctions and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) lists according to a global standard and with the flexibility to use additional lists locally.

The Solution

To address the different requirements of our customer, the company selected and deployed Firco Trust, a customer and entity screening solution that combines filtering intelligence with high performance processing capabilities.

The solution also included:

  • List Management - To ensure effective and efficient screening, the solution provides List Management capability that consolidates all applicable lists in one repository and improves the quality of the list in order to enhance the quality of the filtering process.
  • Business Rule Management - To increase the quality of the alerts generated and decrease the false positive hit rate (“noise”), the solution provides the ability to configure different settings of the screening engine, reflecting the risk appetite and relevant Compliance policies of the company.

Firco Trust helps the global insurer to screen against multiple PEPs and sanctions lists, with several useful functionalities like interfaces to import lists from external list providers.

Firco Trust also offers a powerful web-based user interface to streamline and expedite decision making, enabling Compliance Officers from segregated entities to assess hits and make decisions on them. This web-based interface enables FircoSoft to answer the global insurer’s key requirement to offer a global solution for the group through a centralized hub.

Undeniably, Firco Trust was an excellent choice for this global multi-line insurance company as the solution met their key requirements.

The implementation was conducted in a phased approach, rolling out the solution in each subsidiary’s country, one at a time. The large-scale implementation lasted approximately two years. The successful implementation has been performed by local and global Compliance as well as IT experts of our customer, supported by one product manager and three consultants from FircoSoft.

The team managed the implementation in four different phases:

  • Workshop Session - During the workshop session, the Project Manager and consultants from FircoSoft reviewed technical and functional requirements in order to build the project’s Statement of Work.
  • Technical Implementation - The consulting team proceeded to the technical implementation in the headquartered country to install the filter, the web server, the database and the Utilities; followed by the web interface installation in each of the subsidiaries.
  • Training - Training sessions were conducted for our customer, tailored for the Business Desk and Support staff and individually for local compliance officers.
  • Fine Tuning - The last phase was the tuning process. The customer decided to set up generic baseline rules applicable for all countries in order to fit the Group risk appetite. After several tests, FircoSoft advised the customer on specific business rules taking into consideration specific local circumstances.

The Results

Firco Trust is now live in many countries and our customer is able to screen in batch millions of records such as existing and new customers, counterparts or beneficiaries against Sanctions and PEPs lists in a reliable and consistent way.

The customer has gained experience on Firco Trust as they have been utilizing the system for over two years. When they implement the solution in another country,

they have the ability to proceed by themselves with training and business rule tuning in line with their risk appetite and Compliance policies.

Currently, they also are undergoing an important platform migration project in order to increase capacity of the screening platform. In this context, the decision has been made to move from their WinTel platform to a Linux-based server to increase performance. This is due to go-live shortly.

About Firco Trust

Firco Trust is a customer and entity screening solution that combines filtering intelligence with high performance processing capabilities. With Firco Trust, users can implement Know Your Customers (KYC) programs by filtering existing and new customers, counterparts or beneficiaries against any sanctions, PEPs or negative news list in batch, real-time or on-demand.

About the Global Insurance Company

The customer is a leading multi-line insurance provider with a global network of subsidiaries and offices. With more than 50,000 employees, they deliver a wide range of general insurance and life insurance products and services for individuals, small businesses, and midsized and large companies, including multinational corporations, in more than 150 countries.

About FircoSoft

FircoSoft has over 20 years’ experience in providing watch list filtering and straight-through processing (STP) solutions. FircoSoft’s watch list filtering solutions help financial institutions comply with reinforced international regulations on terrorist financing and embargoes by eliminating the risk of processing illegal transactions and detecting high-risk financial customers and counterparts.

Over 630 customers in more than 75 countries use FircoSoft’s filtering solutions. Since 2012 and the Panorama Workbench acquisition, FircoSoft has extended its expertise and portfolio with Firco Due Diligence (KYC) and Firco FATCA (US FATCA & Global Tax Information Exchange Compliance).

Since 2000, FircoSoft has been ranked #1, best-of-breed, and received numerous accolades and industry recognition for its watch list filtering solution by many organizations and analyst firms including AITE, Celent, Chartis and CEB TowerGroup.

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