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Key figures for SIX Swiss Exchange and SIX Structured Products Exchange: May 2014

  • Trading turnover of CHF 485.7 billion (+8.8% versus the same period in 2013)
  • Average trading turnover per day of CHF 4.8 billion
  • SFS Group AG and HIAG Immobilien Holding AG now listed on SIX Swiss Exchange

Since the start of 2014, a total of 15,925,774 transactions have been conducted on SIX Swiss Exchange and SIX Structured Products Exchange. This marks a year-on-year increase of 8.1%. There have been 14,952,512 trades in the equities including funds + ETPs segment, equating to a rise of 9.2%. The CHF bonds segment has also posted strong growth, with a total of 220,505 trades conducted. This marks a yearon- year increase of 5.1%.

Since the start of 2014, trading turnover across all securities has risen by 8.8% to CHF 485.7 billion. This equates to an average daily turnover of CHF 4.8 billion. Turnover figures in the equities including funds + ETPs (+12.3%) and ETFs (+2.4%) segments have been the main contributors to this increase. Turnover in CHF bonds has fallen by 5.7% to CHF 66.7 billion, while it has decreased by 9.1% to CHF 12.9 billion in structured products and warrants.

May 2014 saw a total of 2,843,881 trades with a turnover of CHF 84.3 billion, a decrease in the volume of trades of 8.8% versus April. Turnover was down by 7.6%.

The performance of the equities including funds + ETPs segment was as follows: the number of trades was 9.0% below the previous month's level and turnover was down by 9.7% to CHF 62.4 billion. Trading turnover in ETFs was down by 21.4% to CHF 5.4 billion and the number of trades fell by 2.3% to 67,100. In structured products and warrants, turnover was down 6.8% to CHF 1.9 billion. Furthermore, the volume of trades fell by 12.0% to 59,328. CHF bond trades were up by 0.3% to 42,257, with turnover climbing by 5.4% to CHF 13.1 billion.

25 new CHF bond issues (-21.9% versus previous month) and 3,078 new structured products and warrants (-13.9%) were admitted to trading in May. In all, this means that 138 new CHF bonds (+2.2%) and 17,210 new structured products and warrants (-14.7%) have been listed since the start of the year. The listing of SFS Group AG (registered shares) and HIAG Immobilien Holding AG (registered shares) saw two new companies being welcomed to SIX Swiss Exchange. This means that a total of four IPOs have been conducted on SIX Swiss Exchange this year.

The leading equity indices rose in May 2014: the blue chip SMI® index stood at 8,674.5 points at the end of May (+2.3% month-on-month, +5.8% versus end-2013). The SLI Swiss Leader Index® stood at 1,318.4 points (+1.4%/+4.9%) and the broader-based SPI® at 8,558.0 points (+2.7%/+9.2%). The SBI® AAA-BBB Total Return index was up versus April (+0.6%/+3.3% compared with end-2013) at 127.7 points.