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Vocus Deploys in Melbourne with Equinix

Vocus becomes ME1’s first tenant and continues to expand communications services globally 

Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the global interconnection and data center company, today announced that Vocus Communications (ASX:VOC) is expanding its global deployment with Equinix, and is the first tenant of Equinix’s new Melbourne data center, ME1. Vocus, a leading supplier of telecommunications, data center and high bandwidth connectivity solutions in Australia and New Zealand, is a long-term Equinix customer with six deployments across the US in Silicon Valley (SV1, SV4 and SV8) and Asia Pacific in Singapore (SG1). In Australia, it is already deployed in Equinix’s Sydney facilities (SY1 and SY3).

Founded in 2008, Vocus owns and operates a global telecommunications network connecting Australia and New Zealand to the global Internet backbone in the US. As a leading supplier of telecommunications services, offering metro, national and international high-bandwidth connectivity solutions, Vocus has experienced high demand for connectivity and growth both domestically and globally, and looks to Equinix to expand its offerings and satisfy customers regionally and worldwide.

Equinix’s presence in Melbourne helps Vocus respond to customer needs and expand its global footprint. To this end, Vocus had invested US$100,000 in fiber at ME1 prior to completion. As with Vocus’ other Equinix deployments, the company’s presence in ME1 will provide its customers with low latency and high performing connectivity for its communications services.

Home to over 4,500 customers, including more than 975 network providers, 120 of which are accessible in Australia, Platform Equinix™ allows Vocus to interconnect with new business partners and accelerate growth for its Australian business.

Located in Port Melbourne, ME1 will provide a capacity of 1,500 cabinets, with the first phase of 375 cabinets scheduled for completion in Q4 2014. Melbourne accounts for almost a quarter of Australia’s economic growth[1] and has become a hub for software companies.

Doug Oates, vice president of sales, Equinix Asia-Pacific: "Vocus' expansion into ME1 underscores the importance of multi-city deployments within a region to maximize quality of service to customers near and far. Vocus will benefit from being located in Australia’s second largest city, placing it in close proximity to its local and global customers and hundreds of networks. In turn, Vocus can pass onto its customers the consistent and premium service Equinix delivers."

James Spenceley, CEO and founder, Vocus Communications: "Vocus has 100 percent confidence that our presence in Equinix will assist in bringing in new business. We tell our customers that wherever they wish to go, Equinix and Vocus will take them there. Both our global and domestic deployments have brought us immediate benefits and we are eager to realize the same in ME1. Vocus believes a data center is a hub of connectivity, and Equinix’s global footprint delivers this message by connecting the key markets around the world through Platform Equinix."