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CaixaBank turns to Google Glass and smartwatches

CaixaBank has developed a new Google Glass app that uses augmented reality to help people find their nearest branch and other relevant information about the company.

As well as superimposing a CaixaBank branch finder on the screen, the app will also provide information about exactly how far away it is, the direction they need to travel in, and a telephone number to contact it directly.

Other services available will include voice command, which will enable the wearer to command Google Glass to direct them to the branch by speaking into the device's microphone.

On the product front, a separate app will utilise the device's camera and allow wearers to focus on a particular item's tag and see the amount it costs, which can then be converted into a currency of their choosing and converted onto the screen.

Both apps are finished and ready to launch, with CaixaBank set to be the first financial institution to make use of them when Google Glass hits the market this year.


By Asim Shah