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Comarch Asset Management at Warta Group

Comarch has implemented Comarch Asset Management – the solution that automates the process of fund valuation, at Warta S.A. Insurance and Reinsurance Company and Warta S.A. Life Insurance Company (Talanx Group). Along with business growth, the insurer needed a centralized system for handling funds in both companies.

"In the face of an increasing number of funds handled and new investment opportunities emerging on the financial market, the need to have a modern, consolidated system for asset accounting, valuation and management has become the key issue," says Tomasz Miedziński, Director of Asset Management Department at Warta S.A. Insurance and Reinsurance Company and Warta S.A. Life Insurance Company.

Comarch Asset Management allows for handling funds and own portfolios, covering asset management, transaction and settlement verification, other necessary operations, and all asset valuation. The system monitors and controls defined investment limits - official and own ones, offline and online, on a current basis. It also supports cash account management and cash flow forecasts. The system provides simultaneous asset valuation according to Polish and international accounting standards, as well as generates reports required by regulators.

"The implementation of Comarch Asset Management was driven by the need to adapt the technology to our business processes, which were modified and optimized due to the takeover of own portfolio management from third parties and integration of our companies. Thanks to the efficient management of IT resources and collaborative work, we have achieved our goals," underlines Piotr Markiewicz, Managing Director of Property Information System Development Department at Warta S.A. Insurance and Reinsurance Company.

"It should be emphasized that Comarch Asset Management supports activities of the majority of leading insurance companies in Poland. The successful implementation at Warta S.A. Insurance and Reinsurance Company and Warta S.A. Life Insurance Company is a very important and valuable experience for Comarch. It is a good base for acquiring important customers also from the international insurance market," comments Krzysztof Mendelowski, Business Unit Director responsible for the Comarch Asset Management product line at Comarch.

Comarch Asset Management is a solution that supports asset management, valuation and accounting processes, and is fully adapted to the legal requirements concerning pension funds, investment funds, insurance companies, asset management companies and custodian banks. The advantage of the Comarch Asset Management implementation is the automation of business processes, compliance with the requirements of supervisory authorities, as well as flexible integration and development in response to changing business and legal environments.