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EMVCo approves Clear2Pay test solutions for contactless cards and mobile payment terminals

EMVCo, the EMV standards body for card payments, has approved Clear2Pay’s latest test solutions, including mobile payment scenarios, for use helping retailers, financial and payment services’ providers to gain certification and acceptance by the major card payment schemes such as Visa and MasterCard. 

The Belgium headquartered company’s EMV Contactless Card and Device Type Approval Level 1 Test Suites are designed to be used in accredited test laboratories and to facilitate debugging and pre-certification requirements.  

Prior to commercial rollout contactless payment cards and Point-of-Sale (PoS) terminals require official certification proving conformity to the governing EMVCo specifications. This is why Clear2Pay has been through the approval process as it seeks to gain business in the developing EMV arena as the standard goes global with the US at last moving towards it and the mobile channel driving further business towards the standard.  

The updating and approval of the vendor’s EMV Contactless Card Test Suite now means it incorporates EMVCo enhanced scenarios for card emulation in mobile devices testing, opening contactless mobile payments (MCP), mobile MPoS transactions and the like. According to Clear2Pay dedicated test scenarios are fundamental because a mobile device that emulates a contactless payment card typically has a more dynamic behaviour than a traditional chip-based card. The enhanced test scenarios simulate ‘real life’ mobile payment behaviour, including the Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) found in mobile terminals, enabling more extensive resting to be run. 

“With contactless payments gaining ground around the world, it makes perfect sense to have dedicated test scenarios to ensure that mobile devices meet the same requirements as physical cards,” said Jean de Crane, chief operations officer (COO) at Clear2Pay. “We are delighted to be the first company to ever get this qualification from the EMV standards body.”