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Actuate Patents PDF Accessibility Solution™ for Automated Tagging and Delivery of High Volume Content to the Visually Impaired

PDF Accessibility Solution automatically transforms high volume content into accessible electronic documents for the visually impaired

Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: BIRT), The BIRT Company and the leader in personalized analytics and insights, today announced that it has received a U.S. patent (no. 8619272) entitled "Automated Assistive Technology for the Visually Impaired” for its PDF Accessibility Solution™. This software is the only comprehensive accessibility solution that integrates with an organization’s existing document management system to capture high volume print streams and automatically remediate them into properly tagged, accessible documents.

Actuate’s patented PDF Accessibility Solution provides a robust design environment that enables organizations to create specific tagging rules for interpreting and transforming high volume content into accessible PDF documents. Once the rules have been stored, the entire tagging and transformation process becomes completely automated.

Actuate’s PDF Accessibility Solution is particularly valuable for organizations that routinely dispense high-volume transaction output, such as bank statements, insurance policies, explanation of benefits documents, and utilities bills. For instance, banks can benefit from this solution by using it to automatically deliver accessible statements to their visually impaired customers, eliminating the need to perform time consuming and costly manual remediation each month.

In addition, the PDF Accessibility Solution offers document creation, storage and delivery capabilities of high-volume, accessible content. This ensures readily available customer account information, allowing those with vision loss or blindness to independently and accurately manage their affairs at any time, without relying on sighted assistance.