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Genpact survey reveals rise of mobile and online banking

A survey commissioned by Genpact and conducted by YouGov has indicated a significant shift in the personal banking preferences among British consumers.

The trend is represented in a move away from traditional bank-staff driven services towards customer self-directed services.

The survey revealed two-thirds of Brits that hold an account would prefer to conduct their banking online or through a mobile device, compared to just 29 per cent who prefer the use of in-branch or telephone banking.

Data from the poll also indicated that 29 per cent of respondents had never used a bank's telephone services.

Hugh Morris, Genpact's vice president of banking, financial services and insurance, Europe, said: "This survey is a clear signal that the industry must change its approach and begin to direct resources away from call centres and branches and towards better, more effective facilities for customers to do their own banking."

Generation Y, those between 25 and 34, who have embraced the internet in great numbers are most likely to prefer online or mobile banking.

By Claire Archer