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City Financial Selects SunGard’s APT for Holistic Risk Management

City Financial, a growing London based independent fund manager with experienced teams investing across a range of strategies for retail and institutional clients, has chosen SunGard’s APT for its investment risk reporting. Delivered as a hosted reporting solution, APT will help City Financial to better measure and monitor risks associated with market positions and portfolios across multiple asset classes. APT will also provide the firm with a holistic view of risk information to management, clients and regulators.

With SunGard’s APT, City Financial will have increased flexibility to integrate risk management into investment processes, helping the firm to better service its clients and turn risk management practices into competitive advantage.

“Transparency of investment risk is critical for our business as a boutique asset manager to ensure that we stay nimble. Crucial to us was finding a solution that can provide multi-asset coverage to better understand our risk positions. SunGard’s APT helps us to effectively monitor and manage our investment risks while maximizing portfolio-level returns. SunGard’s strong buy-side industry reputation and APT’s track record of providing effective risk management made them the front-runner in our choice of provider.” - Tim Short, chief risk officer, City Financial.

“Good risk management starts with a culture that encourages risk and return to be seen as one, rather than separate aspects of the investment process. SunGard’s APT will help incorporate enhanced risk information into City Financial’s investment decisions to give a holistic view of risk, which will help the firm maintain agility and superior client service.” - Laurence Wormald, head of APT research, SunGard.