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SIX Financial Information launches TICKS by SIX, flexibly delivering 6 years of global history

TICKS by SIX, an expansive database of trades and quotes from the world’s most important trading venues, allows clients to pinpoint the content needed, maximizing cost efficiency while minimizing onsite processing and storage investments.

SIX Financial Information has stored trade and quote data for our universe of global real-time data since June 2007, offering the service in our consolidated, normalized real-time data feed format. Now, through partnership with two best-of-breed providers, our clients are able to take advantage of exciting new format, content and delivery options. The three TICKS by SIX delivery platforms are differentiated in several important ways:

  • SIX delivers unadjusted data with factors for historical and/or daily updates, with customized content, flexible output formats and compression in our binary, real-time data feed format.

  • Xignite extends the SIX service with more granular content selection options down to individual instruments and individual fields, and facilitates selection of specific historical chunks, allowing clients to specify month, day and time range for any request. Xignite delivers in the SIX binary format as well as in CSV files that can use a variety of delimiters, and can output these files to Amazon S3 cloud storage or push them directly to client FTP servers.

  • TickSmith’s “Historical Tick Service” or “HiTS” adds even more value to TICKS by SIX through pre-processed data that includes adjusted data, rollups, synthetic millisecond timestamps, calculated fields and more. Data is available in SIX binary format, HiTS normalized format and client specific formats. Data is accessible as files and streams via web tools, FTP and a REST API and can be requested by symbol and by exchange.

“We are delighted to launch TICKS by SIX, as the three service varieties give clients the options they need to onboard just the data they need in the most convenient format”, said Steve Brosnihan, Director, Product and Account Management at SIX Financial Information USA. “These choices dramatically cut down the storage and processing infrastructure investment firms must make to collect and manage the tick data they need”.

TICKS by SIX comprises global equities, bonds, indices, forex, and derivatives sourced from more than 1,500 providers, including global exchanges and alternative liquidity pools. With quote and trade data dating back to mid-2007, TICKS by SIX is one of the broadest and deepest tick data repositories available today.

“Tick data has become essential to many areas of the financial enterprise”, added Barry Raskin, Managing Director of SIX Financial Information. “It is a critical component of everything from performance benchmarking to charting and back testing, demonstrating best execution, calculating cost basis or VaR and more. By partnering with Xignite and TickSmith, we are able to offer consumers of tick data a cost-effective way to access the data they need, and the fact that we offer 6+ years of history makes the service indispensible for fund managers, index and ETF issuers, HFT/algo shops and more.”