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SunGard’s Apex Securities Finance Wins Global Custodian Award for Excellence in Securities Financing

SunGard’s Apex Securities Finance was chosen as the best securities financing solution in the inaugural Global Custodian Technology, Consultancy, and Law Awards for Excellence. The Global Custodian Awards for Excellence celebrate the securities services industry and recognize firms that have exceled in their annual client perception survey.

SunGard’s Apex Securities Finance is a global solution that supports principal, agency or hybrid securities finance models for the entire range of repo and securities borrowing and lending requirements. SunGard’s Apex Securities Finance solution provides a fast, reliable and scalable architecture that brings together trading activity across the firm and aggregates this information in real-time. It helps to consolidate the global inventory across multiple products, regions, countries, trading desks and legal entities.

“The repo and securities finance industry continues to face new challenges and transformations. As part of this, firms need to be able to consolidate their repo, securities lending and borrowing requirements to ensure smarter operations and agile growth. Winning the Global Custodian Award for Excellence demonstrates that SunGard’s Apex Securities Finance helps its customers to achieve this goal.” Craig Costigan, executive vice president, SunGard’s capital markets business

"Our inaugural Awards for Excellence: Technology, Consultancy and Law aimed to recognize the organizations bringing real innovation to the international securities services industry. SunGard's Apex Securities Finance was recognized for exactly thatits robust solution to the prime services market." Alexandra DeLuca, Senior Managing Editor, Global Custodian

The winners of each category were honored at the 2013 Global Custodian Awards for Excellence Dinner on November 14 at the Harvard Club in New York City.