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Avaloq launches new Avaloq Delivery Tool

Market unique self-service platform enables banks to plan, arrange and execute software deliveries independently and more efficiently

The Avaloq group, the international reference for integrated and comprehensive banking solutions, has launched the new Avaloq Delivery Tool. As the first of its kind in the core banking market, this platform empowers banks to plan, independently arrange and execute software deliveries more efficiently according to their specific needs. The Delivery Tool is available to all Avaloq customers worldwide since June 2013.

The financial industry is dominated by short innovation cycles and ongoing changes to be compliant with new regulations. Therefore it is crucial to industrialise the efficient delivery of new software solutions. Avaloq is transforming the way banks interact with their banking solution providers with the launch of the new Avaloq Delivery Tool. The platform ensures that all information and knowledge regarding available solutions is made fully accessible to all customers worldwide. With the Avaloq Delivery Tool, strenuous processes become quick, easily manageable and fully transparent. To ensure ease of use, everything is hosted on a single self-service platform. The Avaloq Delivery Tool serves as a “one-stop-shop”, providing customers with an overview of all available Avaloq solutions and products, new release packets and patches as well as real-time information regarding their dependencies and implications. In addition, banks profit from a customisable planning tool, an intelligent search function and an overview of the solutions and product releases other Avaloq customers have obtained.

Processes which may have taken days in the past can now be managed within minutes: release managers are now able to search, choose and plan new product releases and updates individually and according to their specific requirements. An interactive and easily controllable planning tool is integrated in the Avaloq Delivery Tool. The planning tool allows a release manager at a bank to plan and schedule product tests and implementations and to assign them to team members accordingly. It also provides an overview of the current status of each task, allowing the release manager to react quickly and on the spot if need be.

“With the Avaloq Delivery Tool we are providing our customers with an interactive and flexible platform to streamline processes and minimise the required effort within the bank and with their colleagues at Avaloq. The real time information fed into the Avaloq Delivery Tool ensures everyone is always on track regarding the latest status of each delivery”, says Ronald Strässler, Head of Tools Division at Avaloq.

Successful pilots of the Avaloq Delivery Tool have already taken place. Markus Staub, CIO at LGT Financial Services, which was part of the pilot, compliments the new platform: “The new Avaloq Delivery Tool increases the transparency and flexibility of Avaloq deliveries, thus helping LGT improve its internal processes. The new transparency reduces the need for checks and deliveries can be ordered at short notice.”