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New Apple iPhone model features fingerprint sensor

Apple has unveiled its latest smartphone devices and has added a fingerprint scanner to the upcoming model, negating the need for password entry for purchases made on its iTunes and app store.

The technology giant announced two new products yesterday evening (10 September) the iPhone 5S and and a 5C model, the latter of which is set at a lower price point.

Known as Touch ID, the fingertip scanner is found on the home button of the 5S and uses a sapphire crystal along with a sensor to capture a high-resolution image of the consumer's fingerprint.

Windsor Holden from the tech consultancy Juniper Research told the BBC News: "Touch ID is actually quite an elegant solution to an ever more significant problem: namely, the theft of mobile devices and, perhaps even more critically, the information stored on those devices."

The feature is the latest step in a move towards more secure mobile payment solutions. Apple confirmed all fingerprint information is encrypted and will never be stored on servers.

By Tony Aynsley