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“Fund flows intelligence” based on EY innovative Global Fund Distribution (EY GFD) platform

EY announces the release of the second edition of its Global Fund Distribution wall chart, European Fund Distribution - Market Intelligence by EY - Fund flows that matter.

The wall chart, which will be presented during the ALFI Global Distribution Conference, taking place on 12 and 13 September 2013, is part of a suite of EY Global Fund Distribution (EY GFD) marketing information. EY GFD is designed to assist asset managers in optimizing their product development and distribution strategies. The EY GFD wall chart displays proprietary market data and analysis based on global open-end fund flows and assets under management data provided by Morningstar, a leading provider of independent investment research. The first edition, released in June 2013, was dedicated to Global Fund Distribution.

The EY GFD wall chart presents a current view of the European investment fund landscape from an investor demand perspective. The fund flows analysis allows asset managers, fund product developers and distributors to conduct analysis of the key trends among investor sentiment and competitor positioning. Such analysis is critical to the implementation of effective product development and marketing strategies.

A unique perspective on global fund flows and investor sentiment

The EY GFD team uses EY’s tailored methodology to offer a unique perspective on global fund flows: local investor demand, synthetic risk and reward indicator (SRRI) volatility levels, total expense ratio (TER) bands and fund categories. EY GFD offers the most complete and comprehensive compilation of internal and external market and regulatory data sources available to the investment fund industry, combined with detailed analysis of monthly fund flows.

“I am very proud to share this new piece of EY GFD market intelligence with the asset management industry,” says Laurent Denayer, EY GFD Partner. “This wall chart is the result of the deep investment by EY to meet asset managers’ demand for meaningful market data, directly usable to shape or re-think their distribution strategy. What makes EY GFD market intelligence truly unique is that it goes far beyond providing the number of fund registrations per distribution country: it offers unmatched insight into current local investors’ appetite for fund products and strategies, and distribution channels to reach those local investors. This second wall chart is a showcase of the innovative solutions developed by EY GFD team.”

About the September 2013 edition of Market Intelligence by EY – Fund flows that matter

The second edition of Market Intelligence by EY - Fund flows that matter provides, in a clear and concise format, an overview of the European distribution markets’ growth over the 12-month period ending 31 July 2013, including market trends and an overview of regional market features.

According to Rafael Aguilera, EY GFD Executive Director, “EY GFD market intelligence is really instrumental in assessing a sound distribution strategy according to market trends and existing distribution channels. It fully complements and guides the implementation of a global registration strategy allowing cost savings by registering the right product with the right cost structure meeting local investor demand.”