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Sterci’s GTFrame is SWIFT Funds certified, as deadline approaches

Sterci is proud to confirm SWIFT 2013 certification for its GTFrame product for the 9th consecutive year. GTFrame’s certification comes at a critical time, given the confirmation of the SWIFT Funds migration deadline for Q4 2015. From this date, existing Investment Funds message templates (MT502, MT509, MT515) will be replaced by new MX Funds messages based on the ISO20022 standard. In preparation for this migration, some vital milestones lie ahead, creating significant pressure on late adopters, as penalties apply.

Sterci’s GTFrame alleviates the MT-MX migration headache as it already incorporates ISO20022 libraries and associated validation rules in addition to the ISO15022 FIN MT libraries. The strength of the GTFrame offering is its use by any business application to remain compliant by generating the new mandated messages and translating MT to MX messages for non MX compliant counterparties. Sterci is one of the primary vendors to have implemented MT to MX translation rules and clients can rely on our proven track record of live implementations with key fund institutions in Switzerland, Luxembourg, the UK and the US.

Additionally, GTFrame can greatly facilitate SEPA migration before the confirmed deadline of 1st Feb 2014 for euro area migration to SEPA credit transfers (SCT) and SEPA direct debits (SDD). GTFrame is a comprehensive transformation and business flow integration solution. Regardless of the format and communication protocol, GTFrame ensures interoperability between legacy, national, SEPA and XML messaging standards. It provides an efficient rule-based mapping tool supporting all financial libraries such as SWIFT FIN, ISO20022, FIX, SIC, Secom, BACS and SARIE among others. Not limited to pure transformation, GTFrame provides added value through its workflow engine – providing the ability to implement client specific business rules and market practices.