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US uncertainty weighs on UK markets

The lack of clarity surrounding the US Federal Reserve's financial stimulus plans continues to cause havoc in markets all over the world.

Industry experts have speculated that the North American economic powerhouse could soon wind down its bond buying programme, but official announcements from the state have been thin on the ground.

Reuters reports the ongoing uncertainty caused the UK's FTSE 100 to fall for a fourth consecutive session, with the blue chip index opening 1.4 per cent down this morning (13 June).

That said, retail figures - which are expected to be released this lunchtime (12:30 BST) - could give investors a better indication as to what the Federal Reserve is planning.

The news provider revealed that European shares tumbled once again this morning - hitting seven-week lows.

According to the Economic Times, the situation has also impacted upon Japan's Nikkei, which dipped by six per cent at one point today. The value of the US dollar has fallen to a two-month low against the yen.

By Gary Cooper