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Triple Point Launches Commodity XL for Agriculture 8.0

Provides Business Intelligence for all Aspects of the Agriculture Supply Chain

Triple Point Technology, the leading global provider of on-premise and in-cloud Commodity Management software, announced today that it has launched Commodity XL for Agriculture™ 8.0. This major new release of Triple Point’s award-winning Commodity Management solution increases profitability by optimizing all aspects of the agriculture supply chain from origination, elevation, storage, and processing to trading, hedging, and shipping.

In recent years, world agricultural markets have seen a surge in market volatility due to poor harvests, sustained demand, increased use of agricultural product for fuel, and other factors. Commodity XL for Agriculture 8.0 provides originators and other agribusiness companies with a competitive advantage by empowering them with the real-time information required to react quickly to market changes, and delivering advanced business intelligence at all points across the agriculture supply chain.
Commodity XL for Agriculture 8.0 features a new Origination Module that enables agribusinesses to more efficiently communicate with suppliers, expedite processing, and streamline reporting. The solution delivers significant new functionality and enhancements in the following areas:

• Trading: Empowers traders to outperform competitors and optimize profitability by enabling faster and more informed decisions in volatile and complex markets. P/L is broken out into all contributing elements, delivering business intelligence for continual improvement and better management of trade desks.

• Risk Management: Creates “one version of the truth” across origination, elevation, storage, processing, trading, hedging, and shipping. Real-time sharing of data, advanced sensitivity analysis, and robust visualization tools deliver enhanced hedging and risk models.

• Supply Chain: Optimizes logistical decisions by capturing, modeling, and analyzing planned and actual costs/revenues across the full supply chain from procurement to settlement. Separate transactions are grouped together, providing insights into where trade margins are increased or decreased.

“The volatility and complexity of today’s agriculture markets make supply chain optimization and advanced business intelligence more important than ever,” said Mike Ravo, senior vice president, Product Management, Triple Point. “Commodity XL for Agriculture 8.0 is unique in that it delivers the sophisticated analytics for optimizing an end-to-end value chain, driving smarter, more profitable decisions.”

Commodity XL for Agriculture is the only software solution for commodity and risk management that works across multiple commodities and geographies in real-time from the front- through the back-office. Commodity XL manages the complete agriculture supply chain including origination, elevation, storage, processing, trading, hedging, and shipping (import/export) on a single platform.

“Triple Point has been exceptionally well received in the agriculture market due to the unsurpassed depth and breadth of the Commodity XL solution, with many market-leading customers,” said Michael Schwartz, senior vice president, chief marketing officer, Triple Point. “Commodity XL for Agriculture 8.0 takes things to the next level by providing new functionality that goes even deeper into the supply chain, enabling companies to reach an even higher level of performance.”