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Panopticon Releases Version 6.2.2: Extends Real Time Capabilities in Java

Version 6.2.2 is the latest release for the Panopticon 6 data visualization suite and offers clients enhanced visual data discovery capabilities that make it especially suitable for Capital Markets customers.

Panopticon Software, the leading provider of visual data discovery and analysis software for real-time, CEP and historical time series data, today announced it has released Panopticon 6.2.2, the latest version of its popular data visualization software suite. As with previous releases, Panopticon 6.2.2 supports Windows and Java IT environments for enterprise deployment and also allows clients to publish interactive HTML5 dashboards to desktop and mobile devices and to embed Panopticon dashboards into their own applications.

Panopticon incorporates the ability to visualize data from true real-time streaming sources, including message queues, CEP engines, real time databases, and tick history stores as well as federate data from multiple sources, including standard relational databases, OData producers, other web services, and flat files.

Panopticon 6.2.2 incorporates a number of advancements, including:

  • Ability to visualize real-time streaming feeds from the Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform for Real-Time (TREP-RT)
  • Enhanced connectivity for the Active-MQ message bus, Streambase and SAP Sybase ESP Complex Event Processing Engines, kx and OneTick in-memory tick databases, and JSON data sources
  • Enhanced Embed capabilities supporting real-time streaming data sources in Java environments
  • Improved unpivoting, aggregation and ad hoc reporting capabilities
  • New 3D Surface Plot data visualization optimized for financial data

Panopticon 6.2.2 supports two major deployment options:

  • Enterprise: The Panopticon 6 platform includes a desktop authoring tool that allows power users to assemble and publish new monitoring and analysis dashboards to HTML5 clients suitable for mobile devices like iPads and smartphones as well as to Java applets for use on desktop computers.
  • Embed: Our unique Panopticon Embed tool allows you to build dashboards quickly using Panopticon's point and click software and then embed the complete dashboards as objects into your applications. This allows you to complete quite sophisticated development projects in just a few hours with minimal coding.

Ludvig Sandman, Panopticon’s Chief Architect, stated, “We have invested a lot of R&D time into improving the underlying architecture of the system in order to speed things up for users as well as make new data connectivity possible. As always, we also added several important new features in the 6.2.2 release, including new real-time streaming functions for clients who wish to embed our visual analysis tools into their own Java applications.”