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iVerit Unveils First Independent Real-Time Equity Options Market Data and Analytics Apps for iPhone and iPad

Powered by QuoteMedia, new suite of apps enable brokers, professionals and investors to access reliable OPRA market data and risk analytics away from their desks

iVerit Inc. today announced the launch of Option Chain and Option Exchange Market Data, the first suite of apps for the iPhone® and iPad® that offers mobile access to real-time equity options market data and risk analytics. Providing brokers, professionals and investors with freedom from their desks, Option Chain and Option Exchange MD are powered by QuoteMedia’s proprietary market data feeds with U.S. options prices referenced to the Option Price Reporting Authority (OPRA).

Option Chain is a real-time options market monitor with customized column displays, providing a personalized and richer user experience to select, change and update data as needed. Option Exchange MD’s options market valuation model provides reliable financial market data and enables users to easily monitor calls and puts.

Users can utilize both apps for free and receive professional quality intraday data with the same desktop experience now on an iPhone. With a monthly subscription, users can access ‘tick by tick’ data, independent of being locked into a specific brokerage account. These new native iOS apps deliver real-time market data now with the freedom to be away from the desk, at a client luncheon, business meeting or heading to the airport.

Additional features include:

  • Ticker Symbol Lookup: Users enter the ticker symbol once for the underlying asset they want to monitor, and it will automatically be added to their list of bookmarked underlyings for future reference.
  • Risk Analytics: The apps can provide users with access to implied volatility information as well as access to the measurements of risk, “the Greeks”, including Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta and Rho.
  • Strikes: The ability to open to the nearest at-the-money available strikes. To navigate to other strikes, users simply flick with a finger motion up or down on the screen and scroll through the expiry’s chain. Option Exchange MD shows all the risk calculations on a single screen.

For a video demo of Option Chain, please Click HERE.

“With Option Chain and Option Exchange MD, users can now access the densest data feed on the market in the palm of their hand, wherever they go,” said Dave Shworan, CEO of QuoteMedia, a provider of financial stock market data, market news feeds, and financial software solutions. “Until now, brokers and investors could only access options market data and analytics in real time from their desks.”

“When I am on the road or at lunch and I need to quickly see reliable market data, volatilities, and Greeks, I turn to Option Chain. It’s easy to read, intuitive and comprehensive,” said Mark Sebastian, COO and Director of Education at Option Pit, an online option mentoring program for option traders.

“Brokers and investors need a way to stay connected to the market regardless of where they are. With our new native apps, we deliver this access with a rich user experience and provide the high quality, immediate market data and valuable analytics they need,” said Michael Iver, founder of iVerit Inc. “We enable users to receive real-time market data whether it’s for indoor mobility when taking a meeting in the conference room, or for outdoor mobility like grabbing a coffee with a client. Users can leave their desk and still receive a personalized desktop experience on their iPhone by choosing exactly which stocks and indices they want.”

iVerit’s suite of apps is available on the App StoreSM, and is independent of requiring a brokerage account to download.