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Spotware Systems announces the use of 3 synchronous clouds for their cTrader Product Suite

Spotware Systems have implemented the latest in cloud technology for their NDD cTrader product-suite, with 3 different cloud solutions - a Hardware Cloud, Connectivity Cloud and Application Cloud, that work together to provide a ultra-usability and low-latency trading solution.

The company has invested a significant amount in the Hardware Cloud, hosted at state-of-the art London data center, Equinix LD5. It puts in place industry-leading architecture that gives Spotware infrastructure high-speed input and output, and provides highest-grade security and reliability.

Brian Martin, leading Spotware’s European sales division, described some of the measures put in place by the company to guard against service disruption due to hardware failure; “All cTrader network equipment works in active-active or active-passive mode. In case of hardware failure, appropriate standby hardware copies are activated to guarantee continuity, additionally all equipment uses redundant power supply units.”

cTrader's Proxy or Connectivity Cloud lets users connect to cTrader applications through the use of dozens of geographically dispersed proxies, including many in key locations in Asia, which serve to solve the last-mile latency issue for end users.

Hiroyuki Shimizu, Head of Sales for Spotware in Japan, says, "We also have ultra-quick failover capabilities, so that if any proxy starts having connectivity issues, users are immediately switched to their next closest connection. And there's extensive use of industry leading content delivery networks to deliver end-user applications that decrease download and update time."

Thirdly, the Application Cloud delivers on-demand cloud features for Spotware applications.

Spotware Systems CEO, Andrey Pavlov, gave some extra detail: "Users can connect their broker accounts to a ‘cTrader ID’, using the ID to access cloud features. At this stage, cloud features consist of favorites, a quick way for users to access their most frequently traded currency pairs; and email alerts for trade modifications and account transactions.

“The App Cloud is an area that we expect to grow hugely - it’s about fluid UX that provides helpful synchronicity across a number of services.”

On the efficacy of the 3 synchronous cloud solutions, Pavlov continues, "We’re looking at these technologies to help us deliver on our promise of industry-leading solutions throughout every aspect of FX trading. We’re providing time and cost effectiveness for brokers, and ensuring smart trading capabilities for traders.”