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Citi unveils multi-currency RMB notional pooling capability in China

Citibank (China) Co is launching a multi-currency notional pooling service with renminbi (RMB) capability, making it the first bank in China to offer a tool of this kind under its liquidity management product offering.

Multi-currency notional pooling is widely used at international financial centres such as London and Singapore and is expected to be a welcome addition in Shanghai, China, and on RMB transactions. Often adopted by corporate treasury centres to efficiently manage cash flow from a centralised location, the approach can also help corporates manage cash in multiple currencies as a single position without altering foreign exchange (FX) exposures or having to perform FX swaps.

“The multi-currency notional pooling feature is a leading cash management tool and will significantly enhance the efficiency of our clients’ liquidity management,” said Yigen Pei, country head of Citi’s transaction services unit for China. “The introduction of RMB capability further underlines the importance of RMB as a strategic currency in treasury management and should also help promote Shanghai’s position as an international financial centre.”

With the multi-currency notional pooling solution, each account retains autonomy within the pool. The currency and account type of balances do not change and balances in different currencies are not co-mingled, but notionally aggregated. By doing so, corporate treasury centres can effectively leverage internal funding across currencies, and in turn, benefit from FX cost reductions and increased operational efficiencies.