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SIA Financial Results 2012: Revenues and Profitability Increased

  • In the second year of implementation of the Strategic Plan: revenues up 4.2% net profit up 67.8%
  • ROE at 22% compared to the 16% forecast for the end of the three-year period
  • After four years, SIA returns to distributing dividends to its shareholders
  • A total of 25 million euros equivalent to 0.15 euro per share
  • A rise (+13%) in transactions processed in 2012 equal to 9.2 billion: credit, debit and prepaid cards (+11.5%) payments and collections (+17.2%)
  • Also up (+6%) transactions on financial markets, rising to 23.7 billion
  • Over 63 million cards in the portfolio and around 900,000 merchants in 13 countries 11.9 thousand billion bytes of data carried on the network with service levels of 100% and 617 active nodes, 20% of which abroad

The Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of SIA, coming together under the chairmanship of Carlo Tresoldi, approved the Financial Statement at 31 December 2012.

Despite the conditions of uncertainty in the market and the persistence of the crisis, SIA achieved results higher than those of the previous financial year and the expectations of the 2011-2013 Industrial Plan.

In the second year of implementation of the Strategic Plan, the revenue and profit targets were surpassed and more than 90% of the overall cost reduction objectives have been achieved.

“Over the course of 2012, while continuing to operate in an unfavorable scenario both in Italy and internationally, we have managed to improve our results compared to 2011, accelerating the growth trend and surpassing the goals of the Three-year Plan in terms of revenues and profitability, also thanks to the new company organization into business divisions. A year of change in which consolidated turnover rose by 4.5% and EBITDA grew by over 20%; ROE reached 22%, preempting and exceeding the threshold of 16% set for 2013, in addition to achieving total savings of approximately 20%, equal to €60 million. All of this allowed us to distribute a dividend to shareholders once again after four years and to reduce the average cost per transaction charged to customers. We are especially proud of these results which contribute to the growth and success of SIA, an all-Italian model of excellence which demonstrates a significant potential to compete at international level”, commented Massimo Arrighetti, Chief Executive Officer of SIA.