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New SAS® High-Performance Analytics products deliver better performance, flexibility

New software to help reduce data analysis bottlenecks, speed insight

Six new high-performance analytics products from business analytics leader SAS will provide the speed and flexibility of in-memory big data analytics with targeted functions to fit business needs.

Available in June, each of the new products is laser-focused on analytic technique, including data mining, text mining, optimization, forecasting, statistics and econometrics, and useful across any industry.

Users can now choose the relevant SAS product or products that will quickly perform analytical tasks in-memory across big data to best meet their specific business challenge. This will allow data scientists, analysts and statisticians to develop insights from their structured and unstructured data via powerful and proven SAS analytics.

“The new SAS High-Performance Analytics products help organizations overcome bottlenecks to answer the really tough questions, those problems that often involve large amounts of data,” said Henry Morris, IDC Senior Vice President of Worldwide Software and Services.

“These new functionally specific analytic packages differ significantly from other in-memory products because they are broad and useful across any industry. Instead of being limited to a particular problem, or lacking real predictive capabilities, the new SAS analytics are useful for virtually any analytic purpose,” said Morris.

SAS advanced analytics are the most widely used in the world, with IDC’s most recent report showing a 35.2 percent market share that has steadily grown over the past three years. The next four competitors combined hold only 21 percent.

In addition to new analytic algorithms included in these products for improved insight, each of the six functionally specific products will also include high-performance procedures to streamline data preparation and modification. This functionality helps decrease the time an analyst spends preparing data for analytical modeling, which often takes the majority of allocated project time.

“SAS High-Performance Analytics offer more than speed for speed’s sake,” said Jim Davis, SAS Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. “When our customers can perform operations so much faster, it changes everything. They can include more data for improved results. And they can take innovative approaches and explore promising opportunities that were once impractical due to infrastructure limits.”

The six new high-performance analytics products, which provide users the flexibility to target and choose the specific analytics they need regardless of the amount or type of data, are:

  • SAS® High-Performance Statistics
  • SAS® High-Performance Data Mining
  • SAS® High-Performance Text Mining
  • SAS® High-Performance Optimization
  • SAS® High-Performance Econometrics
  • SAS® High-Performance Forecasting

The new software packages will operate in massively parallel processing (MPP) environments, distributing complex analytic tasks across numerous server blades to perform computations in parallel. Because each blade has its own memory, execution is rapid; jobs that once took hours now take only minutes or even seconds.

These new offerings extend options for new configurations with Teradata, Greenplum (now part of Pivotal) and Hadoop, as well as adding Oracle support.

Path for Growth

Existing customers can also test the waters of high-performance capabilities through their already licensed SAS analytic products. For customers whose current operations do not require a full in-memory distributed architecture, the new high-performance procedures are being added to SAS analytic products.

At no additional charge for the high-performance procedures, customers currently licensing products like SAS/STAT®, SAS Analytics Pro and SAS® Enterprise Miner™ will receive this new functionality when they upgrade their respective analytic products on the newly released platform for SAS Business Analytics 9.4.

Existing SAS customers can move from standard to high-performance procedures to leverage current hardware and software investments. They will continue to use the same familiar interface as their existing SAS analytic products to develop models. If their data and analytical processing needs evolve beyond the limits of a single-server environment used with their currently licensed products, their growth path to an in-memory distributed environment is smooth and seamless.