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Misys Delivers Enhanced Efficiency, Management and Control with Latest Version of Loan IQ

New functionality in Loan IQ v7.2 offers customisable, cost-effective support for commercial real estate and other collateralized lending business lines

Misys has launched a new version of its commercial lending solution for financial institutions, which enables more cost-effective operations, as well as increased transparency and analysis of the data most critical to sound credit and asset management decision-making.

The global commercial lending industry is undergoing a transformation, as improving the cost efficiency of operations appears one of the few available avenues toward restoring return on equity. Misys has partnered with several existing clients, various industry utilities and market standards organisations to create a solution that improves cost-efficiencies and eliminates costly error-correction by reducing manual entry and providing best practice-driven process flows.

With the inclusion of the new Misys solution for managing loan collateral - as well as numerous new business-line specific features for collateralized lending business lines, such as commercial real estate - Loan IQ now allows institutions to further simplify and streamline their system landscape, delivering truly eye-opening cost savings. The new Advanced Collateral Management module for Loan IQ allows users to efficiently create, track, maintain, and analyse collateral and guarantees - and their relationship to covered loan obligations - in rich detail. Configuration of the collateral catalogue and process flows ensures that the platform can be tailored to precisely match the needs of each business line and geography while delivering the right combination of efficiency and control.

“Financial institutions are ultimately focused on pushing up their return on equity,” states Ken Katz, Director, Misys Loan IQ Product Management. “In the current environment, reducing costs by consolidating systems is one of the most powerful levers our clients have. Implementing a unified commercial lending platform is an important first step towards increasing transparency and reducing operational costs to a level that is unimaginable in fragmented lending system environments. In addition, by centralising and storing standardised data, and by sharing a unified set of global processes and common infrastructure, clients will gain economies of scale as well as greater insight into the needs of their customers and the efficiency of their operations.”

The new release of Loan IQ is high-performance, scalable and delivered on a JEE Architecture. It is the first release to include support for Microsoft SQL Server, offering a reduced total cost of ownership, which is vital to effective operations. “Customers can maximize their IT investment in Loan IQ when deployed on Microsoft SQL Server,” says Jim Long, Misys Loan IQ Head of Development. “It is a solution that increases consolidation and integration; is scalable, flexible and transparent; is reliable and has a global reach. By simplifying IT complexity with a next-generation platform, financial institutions can take advantage of a powerful, cost-effective and future-proof solution for lending.”

The updated solution also includes the first version of the Loan IQ Software Development Kit (SDK), designed to empower Loan IQ clients to customize the product to suit their individual organizational and client needs. The SDK enables further configurability and usability of the product allowing clients to modify business logic and processes without coding.

Backed by more than 20 years of experience, Misys Loan IQ is the choice of a broad range of financial institutions - including 17 of the world’s top 25 banks - to manage and grow their commercial lending business.