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Eleven French institutional investors choose Linedata Chorus

Linedata, the global solutions provider dedicated to the investment management and credit industry, has today announced that Linedata Chorus, its software solution dedicated to the administrative and accounting management of institutional and collective portfolios, has eleven new customers in the French institutional investor market.

Faced with a more complex economic and financial environment since the events of 2008, many insurance and pension specialists have overhauled their investment procedures. This change is evident in financial as well as administrative and accounting processes. Firms are "in-sourcing" previously outsourced management tasks as well as implementing measures aimed at streamlining procedures, improving the quality of financial data and optimizing costs. At the same time, the prospect of Solvency II coming into effect has encouraged them to enhance the overall consistency of their information systems, in particular by setting up appropriate reference and decision analysis frameworks.

Today more than ever, institutional investors require robust, integrated and innovative IT solutions that ensure compliance with regulatory changes and meet the new Solvency II requirements.

"Up until now asset management has been a separate business line in the insurance, retirement and life assurance sectors. The arrival of Solvency II is increasingly leading to its integration into companies' strategic procedures," commented Franck Thomas, Back Office Asset Management Sales Director for Linedata. "It is no longer simply a question of managing and recognising assets but also of driving the company's net financial income while at the same time respecting risk, compliance and capital requirements. Linedata Chorus has been used by insurance specialists for more than fifteen years. This software solution is both global and modular and meets all the needs of financial investment management, including fund management, valuation, accounting, regulatory reporting together with an integrated securities database management service. We are very pleased to welcome eleven new investors to our Linedata Chorus customer base, consolidating our position as French market leader".

Linedata's platform meets the many operating requirements of Investment Departments:

  • Investment accounting and legal reporting via Linedata Chorus;
  • Decision support and ad hoc reporting with Linedata Chorus Results;
  • Portfolio management and trading with Linedata Longview, used by the largest international asset managers and closely integrated within Linedata Chorus to ensure that institutional management-specific constraints are fully taken into account;
  • Securities database administration with Linedata Nile, market data management service which provides Linedata Chorus customers with all the necessary market data, including the new attributes required for Solvency II calculations and regulatory reporting.

The majority of Linedata Chorus customers have chosen to adopt these solutions as part of a SaaS offering (Software as a Service). This offering comprises a highly secure hosting solution, full operating management, as well as a dedicated user support service.